The West Coast Wildfires: Climate related or man made?

With the fires in CA, OR and WA, politicians have spent no time at all touting Climate Change and denying any BLM/Antifa connection. I am tired of politicians continually bringing up false narratives/propaganda. All of these fires have 1 thing in common, they were all set by people. WA fires were set by humans. There was no other catalyst that could have set them, no lightning storms, no downed power lines, etc. More and More WA citizens are reporting suspicious activity. In Bonney Lake and Buckley, citizens have found glass shards with newspaper near the brush. Christine Comello intentionally set 3 fires in Spokane. A known Antifa/BLM activist, Jeremy Acord, has been arrested and tied to 3 fires in Puyallup. He was arrested back in 2014 in conjunction with the Ferguson riots.

The CA fires had multiple causes. The El Dorado fire was caused by a firework at a gender reveal party. The Salinas Fire was intentionally set by Anita Esquivel. John Davis was arrested for setting fire to 3 trees in Marin. The firefighters were able to put them out before they got out of control. These fires are spreading so quickly due to the severe mismanagement of the forest. The lack of cleaning up the dead trees and making it too expensive to harvest the trees, is causing a lot of fire fuel. Any fire, in CA, will easily get out of control and it will do so quickly. Gov Newsom himself, in an interview in 2018, stated that there are “Hundreds of millions of dead trees” in the state and that it cost his father $35,000 to clear “a small little patch of dead trees” on his property. Newsom won’t admit it, but the outrageous cost to remove a “few dead trees”, from private land, is a consequence of California’s convoluted environmental regulations. It’s not climate change that’s burning up the forests, killing people, and destroying hundreds of homes; it’s decades of environmental mismanagement that has created a tinderbox of unharvested timber, dead trees, and thick underbrush.

Unlike the American South and East, California has a distinct wet season. Pacific storms roll in by November or December and usually wrap up by March. Even in the wettest years, California is bone dry by late fall. This makes it clear, that it isn’t climate change that sets the conditions for fires, it’s California’s natural weather pattern. Comparing acres burned in wildfires to the weather and the tree harvest data, there appears to be no link to climate, however, there is a huge connection to the growing forest fuel load, especially on government land.

In Oregon, there have been a series of coordinated fires that have been set. They are setting these fires in unpopulated areas but are working towards more populated areas. Elias Pendergrass has been arrested for 2 of these fires. One fire was set West of Eugene, where approximately 400 acres of land has burned, and the other is the Sweet creek Milepost fire, which totals 382 acres. In Dexter Oregon, Jonathan Moss was recently arrested for starting the fires, near the golf course, in the State Park. Some residents, that were at the park, put the fires out, prior to the fire dept arrival. They didn’t know who he was but because of their description, they were able to identify him. Michael Bakkela, has been arrested in conjunction with the Almeda fire. Police stated that a resident of Phoenix saw a person, later identified as Bakkela, lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane. The fire he set was 1 of the 2 origin fires. The fires ended up merging and have burned more than 5700 acres of land. This fire has burned more than a thousand homes between the towns of Phoenix and Talent. Hundreds of businesses have also been damaged, and leaders estimate more than 2,000 residents (mostly elderly and low income families) have lost their homes this week. Drinking water has been shut off, and power remains out in both towns. The Hagg lake fire was caused by a downed power line. The causes of the rest of the fires, in the state, have yet to be determined.

The police are currently investigating these fires, as they suspect they are all connected. One of the arsonists has been directly linked to a BLM/Antifa member. I am sure once the cops delve into the background of these other individuals, the link will be made. Where there is one member there are many. Many of the BLM leaders are stating if they don’t get their way, they will “burn it down”. These coordinated fires are not a coincidence. Even the police are seeing this. It is only a matter of time before the connection is made.

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