Blackouts continue Worldwide

The news is brushing these off as nothing, as a matter of fact, you would be dead pressed to find much information on it at all. We know there was a blackout in Italy and the Vatican, from one of my previous posts, as well as Pakistan. We know the reason for both. I have come across some new information, from a Greece newspaper, that is stating the Italian President has also been arrested. The same newspaper states: “Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, all of Europe, including Greece, Turkey and the Middle East will be next.” If that is the case, this adds to the already confirmed information about the Pakistan and Italy blackouts. Greece being a cousin to Italy, I would not rule out this intel. They will know long before we do.

Exactly 17 hours ago, multiple power outages occurred in Iran. This is significant because they are one of our major enemies, as well as, it is so close to the other outages. MSM is not covering this, and if they are they are trying to, as usual, control the story by stating what we have confirmed is not true. So it is imperative to stay off of the MSM. At some point the networks will probably shut down, because they will ignore the ESB.

What is next? The first US arrests are purported to be Dirty cops Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok. Marines and National Guard have been deployed and are being moved as needed. There is a huge military presence in CA. The only thing I could find, in terms of in the media, was this. They are spinning it as COVID assistance but the military doesn’t do that, so that is just hinckey. Not too mention the CDC came out and said what i have been saying since March, 94-96% of all deaths they said were COVID were WRONG!!! Trump is constantly on the move to keep him and his family safe. When Trump said smooth transition, he meant to the new cabinet, vp and staff. This intel has been verified from several different sources. The intel also states to stay out of large cities, especially those run by democrats. Once this intel is out, publicly, there will be massive riots, hence the national guard/ military presence.

Stay alert and stay vigilant. If you find any information, feel free to submit the links to me via email and i will confirm it or debunk it! Stay tuned, more to come.

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