More Global Chaos

There is some major chaos going on Globally right now. Where is the MSM? Not 1 major news network is even reporting any of this! They are ignoring the massive military occupation of our country and focusing on a man that doesn’t even know his name. I can’t wait for him to be taken down publicly. SO here is what’s new.

The Dutch government has resigned. The press gives 3 different reasons. This has to do with Trump cleaning up the swamp and getting rid of the Deep State.

Estonia’s Prime Minister resigns amid a corruption “scandal”. Which of course he denies.

Germany’s Angela Merkel steps down. This amount of resignation, going around globally NEVER happens at the same time. This definitely coincides with what is going on right now.

The entire Russian Government has resigned. They state it is due to Putin’s changes. We know that Putin is an ally of ours, and so I am sure he is working alongside Trump to get rid of the corruption.

Due to all the arrests in Italy, the government is in complete collapse! This is getting real and all in the last week! Anyone who is still in disbelief about what is going on, this pretty much clinches it. Never has there ever been this much chaos globally or domestically. Why in the hell would there be over 20k troops in DC for a virtual inauguration? Why would there be troops being deployed in most of the country? This is escalating and it is escalating rapidly. I hope you have your popcorn, this is getting good.

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