Inauguration Faux Pas

Last night, over 2000 National Guard members were deputized and became US Marshalls. This means that they have the power to arrest anyone, without a warrant. If you have been following my posts, then you know that I have been saying, when Trump makes his final move, it will be very, VERY public. Today is the inauguration. Today is THE day, this all comes to a head. Once everyone is in place for the inauguration, the National Guard will be put into play. They will secure the perimeter of the Capitol grounds. Nobody will be able to go in or go out. Marines will be guarding the tunnels underneath the Capitol Building to stop anyone from escaping.

As Biden comes onto the stage the Secret Service will detain and issue the arrest warrants to anywhere from 50-100 members of the audience. These members include Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama and Clinton. Many of these indictments include treason charges. They will then be transported to an underground military base by the Marines, where they will go through a military tribunal, LIVE on TV. ALL the evidence of their crimes will be made public and will tune in automatically.

If he isn’t arrested at the Inauguration, it will be shortly after. I can say this because of all the Intel from the military. Trump said “We will be back.” Trump said ” Our journey is just beginning, ” Be patient and watch. A lot of this has to happen in secret and some of it will be public.


  1. Geraldine · January 20, 2021

    I wasnt able to watch im at work right now – did it finally happen?!


    • MWitt · January 21, 2021

      It hasn’t yet, but it is coming. Check my most recent post on the IA.


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