AZ releases proof of Election Fraud 1 hour after Biden was inaugurated

We all know the election was stolen, this is FACT. The states had time to do the right thing and they chose not too. This will now add fuel to the fire, already brewing. The military is in control now so this can only help it. Arizona’s 11 EC votes now go to Trump. That puts him at 299 to Biden’s 239, which is much lower than this even, as more and more state results come in. We know that CA went red, so if we give Trump those votes, he is now at 354 and that puts Biden at 184. This was beyond a landslide. Biden got massacred. Here is the link to the release by AZ.

I am going to prove without a doubt that nobody likes Biden. Here is a pic of his sad inauguration crowd, most of which were military, there was only 150 people max, at his inauguration. Here is another view, all flags. Here is a video if Trump’s crowd in Maralago. This is a pic from Trump’s first Inauguration.

There is no excuse for so little activity at Biden’s inauguration, unless he cheated, which he did. He is the most hated man in America, period. He is the best thing to happen to Obama. Biden used COVID as an excuse, but the crowds at every Trump event compared to the lack of crowds, always 200 or less, at any Biden event, speaks volumes. Can’t wait to see all the events that will transpire in the next 30 days and seeing this farce of a man removed from our White House.

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