Updated timeline for IA events

Biden has been inaugurated and the illegitimate government has been sealed. That was what they needed to happen to nail Biden and Harris. Today the military is officially in control. This video explains it well and all the pieces have finally been put together.

Another thing that ties this nicely in a bow, Trump declassified Crossfire Hurricane, 1 day before leaving office. This investigation proves that Trump ALWAYS tells the truth. It wasn’t Trump who was colluding with Russia, but Hillary. The information I have been given states that there will be a significant event between 1/27-1/29. You know the military, they don’t like deadlines. The National Guard and military will be in DC for 3o days. After that, either the Generals will be in control for awhile or Trump is back in the WH. Either way Biden and his entire admin are gone. Keep an eye on things. It’s gonna heat up.

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