Interesting developments

Why are the news outlets reporting that the military is leaving DC, when that is not even close to the truth? Their story keeps changing because they are either clueless or in denial. First, it was to protect a virtual inauguration, which was not live, but pre-recorded.

Here is Jill Biden getting out of the limo wearing tan shoes.

Here she is, after the supposed inauguration, wearing dark shoes, possibly black.

This is a screenshot, from the stream, that was supposedly live.
Here you can see that the girl behind Jill has moved to next to her.

Next, we have the supposed pic of Biden, in the White house. He is on a set. Here are the comparison pics. You can see clearly, that it is not the same.

This is a good panoramic view of the White house. You can see it is surrounded by trees and shrubbery.
This is not the same. What is with the reflection of stage lighting. ?? The box , with the red button, is missing and the curtains are not the same color.
You can see the car in the left window….that should be trees and shrubs. This is also a better look at the curtains.

I have many more where these come from. All of these pictures were taken directly from newspapers or live video feeds. Also, Spain showed the inauguration at least 10 hours before it aired, here in the states. There was also the widely reported lock out at the White House. Since we have proof that the Inauguration was faked, I am pretty sure them walking into the WH was also. They only show the door and never the entire building. I think the lockout part was real, the entering was not. This to me proves the Biden’s and Harris are in custody and playing their part.

Nancy Pelosi has been arrested and is in custody. This explains why she wasn’t acting speaker of the House, leading up to the inauguration. My suspicions confirmed yet again. She is playing her part, just like the Biden’s. The fact that troops keep coming to DC and their reasons keep changing adds to this. Their second reason was because they were starting the impeachment, after saying that the troops were going home. None of their reports make sense. They have to keep changing their story, they should just try the truth.

The next interesting item occurred yesterday. Trump is opening an office of the “Former President”. Another unprecedented move. This is his headquarters, at least for now. The more I look into the Insurrection Act, the more things are adding up! Things are definitely heating up. Stay tuned.


  1. storireasumoki · January 26, 2021

    Good morning from IN, seems if Nancy was arrested it would even be on the fake news ?
    Thank you ! 🤗


    • MWitt · January 26, 2021

      No because nothing has been made public yet, but will be very soon.


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