The intel was right again!

In the last few posts, I discussed the dates Jan 27th-Jan 29th. I said the dates were big and meaningful and something would happen during this time period. The intel was right. Jan 27th Trump met with Sen Minority Leader McCarthy, as I said in my last post. Also on the same day, the Stock market tanked! Some huge companies took some hits and they continued into Thursday. Then on Thursday Jan 28th, China was liberated from the CCP. The military moved into the South China sea on 1/24, due to China’s aggression towards Taiwan. This is another indicator that Biden is not in charge. He is a push over and doesn’t really care what China does. Trump set into motion the removal of sanctions on Taiwan and harder sanctions on China in preparation. This is yet another piece of the puzzle that proves the military and Trump are in charge. If Biden had anything to do with this, it would be all over the news, and they are eerily silent about anything that matters.

I was able to find the FULL video from Jan 26th at 3am in the morning. The video with the strange activity, it actually gets more interesting. You can watch the full video here, courtesy of Mustang Medic. This definitely proves my mass arrest theory. Not too mention, we have not heard from Congress at all this week. The video I shared in my last post about the White House blackout, was also recorded by Mustang Medic.

Also on Tuesday, there were massive internet and network outages along the East Coast from 11am-4pm. When I was at work, our internet was dragging horribly between those hours and it was painstaking to accomplish anything.  The pieces are falling into place and whatever happens next is sure to make the Super Bowl look quite pathetic.


  1. storireasumoki · January 30, 2021

    Hi, I’ve never voted or g2f’s about politics until Trump, alll politicians have done wrong.
    I do know Trump loves me, loves America. I do not care about anyone’s past, until it pertains to children , harming the elderly or animals. liars cheaters, haters will always be, when it starts affecting me as a person, now I’m pissesd … reprogram, eliminate, republicans, I’m warped, ignorant… bla bl bla. I’m so FN sick of the verbal threats towards my President, now towards me as a person, I’m 62 years old, worked alllllllll my life took care of me, never ask for a FN in life, I’ve been struggling for a year, FN bull shit, mask no mask 2 mask, lockdown boom unlock ….FN pissed off bitch … Please, please ffs please tell me how is this happening, the fraud, the lies, plagiarism, with Harris, like she is a good role model …. period … 🤮 we know Joe is vvv good at it lying, plagiarism ..making America last. Doooo not tell me the swamp is deeper than he thought, ff’s wtactual f !!!
    How was this let to be ??? how is it Trump is not our POTUS ?
    I keep hearing Biden is illegitimate 🤮 I keep seeing him signing shit, that’s seems to be blank pages …. I’ve never in my FN life cared about my friends being Dems or Republican’s, apparently the 4 Dem friends I have do, the division and hate is to much for me to handle.
    This guy is talking about assignation, murder on FB ,. I say “I’ll pray for you “ bam 30 days FUCK Book jail….. this chick was saying Republicans are idiots, bla bla bla ….. I said “ many feel opposite of what you feel ma’am” boom 30 dAys FUCK B jail …. bullying… if I’d say what I really wanted, BOOOM life ….
    I did an experiment, reported hateful hateful bullying BS towards republicans, my words don’t meet with their standards ….. I report …. sorry but, this post meets with our standards …. wtactual f ! I’m sick !! when pelosi ripped up the speech, she should’ve been removed..
    Trump enticing riots oooooooo ffs, clearly not, many have praised the burning looting murder and destruction, yet that’s OK …. 😡😡😡😡nooooooooooooooo it’s not ! To many examples, you know them alllllll !!
    Come on Mf’erz let’s see some consequences !!!
    I’ll not apologize for my punctuation, dgaf about that either


  2. storireasumoki · January 30, 2021

    Joe was on live tv saying they committed the most extensive case of voter fraud, people have testified, we , me they FN people saw it happening …. wtf !


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