The truth behind the Capitol “Insurrection”

In order to understand if this was really an “insurrection” or not, we must first define it. An insurrection is an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence. Based on the definition, this was not an insurrection. So the media and politicians need to stop this word.

So if it wasn’t an insurrection, what was it? Was it a riot? No because it was not violent on the protester side. It was a protest. How can I say it wasn’t violent? Let’s look at the facts. First, the death of officer Brian Sicknick. The fake news said he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. This was never corroborated, as a matter of fact it was discredited. His family said that he died of a stroke. There was no blunt force trauma, anywhere on his body. Yet they continue to try and concoct a murder charge.

Why were the protestors let into the capital? Why isn’t the media reporting it as such?? Why are protestors seen here pulling ANTIFA away from the Capitol building?? Why are they hiding the fact that John Earle Sullivan, a known BLM activist, was there and arrested? It has been proven that he organized the event and that they were disguising themselves as MAGA supporters. Another known fact, Special forces KNEW this was going to happen and went undercover with ANTIFA. They took the laptops from the Capitol Building, including Pelosi’s.

Next is the timeline. At the time of the fake riot, Trump was STILL speaking. It takes 45 minutes to walk from where he gave his speech, to the Capital Building. Why would people leave 45 minutes early?? This is per the timeline from anti Trump USA today! The riot started at 1:10pm. Trump was still on stage talking. This has set up all over it. The dems knew they cheated to get Biden elected and this was the only way to get the EC vote to go their way, that and pay offs. That will be another post.

I was able to poke holes in their story in a matter of minutes. We know this whole thing was planned. It wasn’t planned by anyone on Trump’s side but it was planned by ANTIFA and the left. These people are despicable.


  1. Susan Millington · July 29, 2021

    In a nutshell,You should send this info to nance.Thank You.


    • MWitt · August 2, 2021

      I doubt she would read it, lol, but yes Congress is being thinned out as we speak.


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