It’s all happening!

So just in case there are still skeptics out there, my husband was one, until all of a sudden all of my intel came true. Let’s do a recap:

All of a sudden, out of the blue, news is covering aliens and acting as if it is totally normal! This should have you saying what?! It is all a planned distraction. I told you all that people in the media would start being weeded out. Here is the list so far:

Don Lemon- CNN

Juan Williams- Formerly CNN, then Fox news the 5

Jedidiah Bila- Fox News

Josh Eliot- CBS News

Chris Mathews- MSNBC

Shepherd Smith- Fox News

Brooke Baldwin- CNN

Jeff Zucker- CNN

The list goes on and on, but it is clear that the media is being cleaned out, across the board. I read a list of celebrities who were involved in the adrenochrome, satanic and sex cults, and i was having a problem with a few names on this list. The name Alison Mack, from Smallville, was one of them. She just came out publicly about her involvement in a sex cult, because she is being sentenced for her involvement. Things that have been hiding in the dark are coming to light.

Another crazy thing, that was completely unexpected was Rose McGowan, one of the biggest psycho liberals in existence to finally call out the Democratic party as a cult. The media is now talking about how Trump will return, some are making jokes about it, but here is the kicker, they are publicly speaking about it. Things they would hide or ignore are being brought out in full spectacle. These were exactly the changes my sources were talking about. The news is now calling out Faux Biden, where prior to a certain time frame they would not. The steal is now public knowledge. I only did an article on 1 of the cities in AZ, but there are tons more. Israel is at war, and all of my sources said keep an eye on Israel. We saved it for last. The end is near and I for one cannot wait til Trump is reinstated in the public eye, even though he never left. He still flies around in Air Force 1. The planes Biden get on are not presidential planes. I cannot wait to see the show end. People who are still doubting, your heads will explode. I can only tell you the truth, you have to do your own due diligence and get on board. You know the famous saying: You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. This is the same thing.

People are saying Trump will return in 2024, no it will be far sooner than that. He is decimating the good ole boy club and is taking out the deep state. It is almost complete. His plan is working and he still has all the power, why? Because he is backed by WE THE PEOPLE. He is still our president and rest assured that all of this is playing out precisely as planned. The deep state is being wiped out. The end is near and I for one can not wait. All the people who called us dumb asses or deranged will get laughed at while their head is exploding. EVerything i post and i mean EVERYTHING goes through a rigorous vetting process. Once it has been verified 3x, i post it. This is the truth. I don’t care what anyone believes. I only post the truth and that is why my blog is so popular. I get over 300 visits per day and they are all organic, no advertising, no nothing. The truth is out there and will come to light soon enough. Treasonous bastards will pay for what they did and we will see it after the fact. Most of the deep state is already dead. 98% of DC will be wiped out, once Trump and the military get done. Keep enjoying the show.


  1. Tommy Tutone · August 31, 2021

    great article until you got the Trump part. I find it odd that you can clearly see what is going on around the vaccine yet the part Trump plays in the kabuki theatre seems obscured to you. Please review history and take a close look at the rise of Hitler in Germany. You will see that Trump is playing the same role. The masters of ceremony are creating conditions with jo jo biden that will bring so much trouble and pain to the people they will take virtually anything as a replacement. One who comes waving the flag of nationalism will be him. Don’t forget Trump brought us the vaccines in record time. One of his favorite tag lines. “If it weren’t for me there would be no vaccines”…


    • MWitt · August 31, 2021

      His vaccines were all natural, vitamin D, zinc. Not this poison that Biden unleashed. You are the only one “missing” information. To think that Biden would have kept anything from Trump is asinine.


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