Updated COVID Vaccination deaths

So, now that the truth is coming out, which i reported btw over a year ago now, about Fauci funding GFF research, which is illegal…let’s take a look at the numbers. The death toll is now even higher than before. My last report had us at over 5k deaths and that was in a small window. I have new evidence that now puts the vaxx deaths above the covid deaths.

The new death toll is 32,060. Covid deaths were 29,000. We have now surpassed the COVID death rate with this vaccine. Let’s take a look at the data. We all know the CDC and Fauci are lying to people, this has been proven. Now it seems they are moving data around to make it look like less deaths have occurred. This is highly suspect. Based on the CDC and their VAERS reporting- Vaccine-related deaths decline just as vaccination rates reach their peak in April (See graph below). This implies that the VAERS death rate started at 18 per 100,000 on the 1st of February, then dropped to around 3.1 per 100,000 on the 1st of June (See table below). If this remarkable trend really took place, why wasn’t it in the news?! Why are they still lying and trying to force vaccinations?

This chart compares VAERS death rates by month, with overall vaccination rates from December 2020 to June 2021. Vaccination rates were provided by the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker. Death rates were provided by VAERS.
This compares VAERS death rates per 100K vaccinated over time. The vaccine death rate was calculated by dividing VAERS deaths per month by the total vaccinated. The cumulative total vaccinated was provided by the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker.

Silicon valley inventor/entrepreneur Steve Kirsch claims that inside sources told him the true death count is 25,800 and that the CDC has been “reclassifying” most vaccine-related deaths. This makes more sense. Not only does he cite his sources but he also gives instructions on how to uncover this hidden information here. Here are the places you should pay attention to. 12 minutes and 15 seconds into the presentation, Mr. Kirsch reveals a data distribution that reveals a dramatic spike in deaths associated the COVID-19 Vaccination. In this analysis it’s revealed that the majority of deaths occur closer to the actual time of the vaccination, which indicates a higher probability of a causal relationship. 30 seconds later, he presents the data findings that indicate the overwhelming incidents of heart attacks, associated with the VAERS COVID-19 vaccine. This occurs a day to three days after the vaccination.  He also emphasizes that the indication of Myocarditis/Pericarditis actually increases with vaccination ,as age decreases. This is actually counter intuitive because young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles, not higher probability.

Fast Forward to 15 minutes and 51 seconds, Kirsch depicts the growing numbers of deaths corresponding to the release of the vaccines, under emergency use authorization by mid-December 2020. 18 minutes and 55 seconds in he reveals a corresponding increase in excess deaths reported by the CDC. He goes into other treatment options, which we already know HCQ cures it completely. So why are they pushing the vaxx… He concludes his presentation with this: “The narrative is that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective but the truth is that the data points to an otherwise alternative conclusion.”  He then concludes that “if anyone was paying attention, they would have picked up these safety signals by the end of January.” Which as you know, I did. Literally, there should be no more doubt. It is simple this vax x is worse than the disease and completely unneccessary.

If you still don’t believe, follow the instructions in his presentation. By doing so you can see that the unclassified death rate trend follows the vaccination trend with remarkable consistency (See graph below).

This graph compares unclassified death rates by week with overall vaccination rates from December 2020 to June 2021. Vaccination rates were provided by the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker. Death rates were provided by the CDC’s “Weekly Provisional Counts of Deaths by State and Select Causes.”

If values prior to December (left bar in graph below) are subtracted from values December to June (right bar in the graph below), the number of excess unclassified deaths is 32,060. This is comparable to Steve Kirsch’s difference of 25,800 (This calculation is higher because this was done several days after this video.)

Total unclassified deaths before and after vaccine availability. Death rates were provided the CDC’s “Weekly Provisional Counts of Deaths by State and Select Causes.”

As you can see, by doing the math, that is a total of 32,060 vaccine-related deaths from December 2020 to June 2021. This comes out to a death rate of 21 per 100,000 fully vaccinated. This is almost the same as the VAERS death rate recorded for the beginning of February, in the table above.

To play devil’s advocate for a moment, let’s suppose a massive number of people reporting these unclassified deaths were unsure if their loved one had died from the vaccine, so they avoided reporting to VAERS in fear of being prosecuted for the federal crime of false reporting. How can the CDC have failed to see the trend in unclassified deaths? Better yet, why are they hiding this information? These vaccines need to be abolished. This much life lost is unacceptable. The side effects others are experiencing, is not worth anyone’s health. If you call the CDC, their recording specifically tells you that if you have any kind of pre-existing condition, not to get the vaccine. Yet the liberal media and false Fauci would have you believing otherwise. Nothing they are doing right now is constitutional. Everything they are doing is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. They are knowingly killing people and burying the information. Rand Paul is on to Fauci, America is on to Fauci. He is done for. Sending people door to door to try and force vaccination is illegal! Bribing people with money is illegal! Your job forcing you is ILLEGAL! Wake up people! This is not OK at all! This has genocide written all over it.

I live in the state of Maine and I can tell you there is no COVID variant here. People who say they have COVID sound like they have a minor cold. This is all a bunch of crap. Why would they attack the State of Maine, if we had the highest vaccination rate?! Nothing is making sense and it all points to removing our rights. It is time to say enough is enough and fight back. Thank God Trump will be back soon, cause this amount of crazy has got to stop!

Stay tuned for more information. Next post will be on GA’s known Fraud. The dominoes have fallen and nobody can stop what’s happened or what is coming. Stay vigilant.


  1. Joel · July 26, 2021

    Please add me to your mailing list.


    • MWitt · July 28, 2021

      You can do that at the very bottom of the blog. You hit follow, i believe. I have no way of adding anyone.


    • Tom · September 18, 2021

      The charts are not loading.


      • MWitt · September 25, 2021

        I will see if i can re find them and paste them in directly


  2. Dizzle · July 29, 2021

    Wow. Instagram blocks me from sharing. That alone is creepy and gave me a weird feeling when that happened.


    • MWitt · August 2, 2021

      Proves i am right. All you need to do is spell it out thelibertyledgerdotcom


  3. Yeah Right · July 30, 2021

    Excellent article
    The data speaks for itself, regardless of the reader’s personal stance or world view

    Taiwan is a perfect example.
    Am currently on second 30 day faecesbook ban and 3rd 7 day Twitter ban , for simply posting 2 Taiwanese govt graphs beside each other.
    Vax rates and covid cases & deaths

    But, I’ve posted it before with no ban, why these times virtually instant?

    To the graphs was added “covid is 5G radiation poisoning ”

    The first bans were for maps showing the US & Canada
    One is covid and the other 5g coverage

    Same case in Japan
    The new “delta variant” in Sydney struck just after…. 5G was turned on.
    Only cruise ships with covid had 5G just installed

    Strangely, the NZ govt offices and Beehive including the useless, lying PMs house…. no 5g
    Why not, those most important and busy politicians should have the best and fastest connections…
    Same for Australian government
    Same for the elitist centre, Brussels
    Oh, surrounding it it’s burning the brains and bodies of the serfs…

    More on my website Yeah Right Graphics, direct link to the covid-5g page below.
    Suggest you also check out the Suramin page in the Graphics menu


  4. alan · August 3, 2021

    I had vestibular neuritis from an unwanted forced flu vaccine for 7 years now my hospital wants to force the covid vaccine, I am a 60 year old very healthy physician assistant, my primary care will not complete the form for a covid exemption. The whole thing has been politized and has been lies half truths, I fear that I could die be paralyized or have vertigo again. The hospital and all mandates need to be stopped.


  5. John Hinckley · August 3, 2021

    Great article but none of the graphics are loading now. Do you have another source?


    • MWitt · August 5, 2021

      That is strange considering i copy and pasted them directly in here.


  6. Krimshaw · August 4, 2021

    Vaccine almost killed my neighbor, doctors lied and said they have no idea why he lost use of his legs and almost died, but they are certain it had nothing to do with a vaccine made from a man made virus. fucking tards…


  7. J · August 22, 2021

    I feel bad for people who have taken this vaccine based on media/ because they want to trust them and our appointed officials.

    I am no conspiracy theorist but critical thinking is rare or lost and fear mongering is being broadcast by mainstream media. I never thought I would live to see where we are right now and hope it turns around soon. Pure evil to not share information fully…sadly it has become the norm at least as of late


    • Jason Brockman · September 12, 2021



  8. Truths · August 23, 2021



  9. Joe Ryan · September 17, 2021

    I did a study from “Our World in Data.” Israel is the highest vaccinated country on earth @ 63%. They are now into “Booster Jabs.” Their death rate in the past 6 weeks has gone up 1,311%. India with a vaccination rate of 13% has distributed Ivermectin to their people, their death rate per million in six weeks has gone down 58%. There are 63 studies done internationally on Ivermectin…60 show a success rate up to 95%….the WHO & CDC are frantic to hide this information. World renown front-line Doctors are being censored by the Media, You Tube & Face Book. My own FB posts are being censored as disinformation. This is a man made plague started in Wuhan, funded by Fauci who is blocking safe effective treatment needed at the onset of the disease. Ivermectin is an FDA approved drug for humans with a 40 year track record of safety…why do they call it “Horse De Wormer” PROPAGANDA! They are pushing the vaccine!


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