MSM doubling down on lies

If you are not watching RSBN or OANN you will NOT be notified of any truth. They both covered the election fraud in AZ and they shared ALL of it, not just what the MSM is. My sources are telling me this is all part of the plan. They can now be CRIMINALLY Charged. I will share some screen shots and videos.There is legit voter fraud. Biden DID NOT win ANY state, including my state of MAINE. They had the chance to do the right thing and instead are tailoring the results to suit their narrative. I can tell you right now, with certainty, that they fell right into the trap set, hook line and sinker. They are ALL Going down and it is happening well before the next election cycle. Trump and the military will make their move soon. I have a gut feeling about this. My gut is never wrong. Everything I have read and researched is coming to a head.

LIsten to what Wendy Rogers, from AZ has to say. Here is a link to my direct rumble channel. I personally downloaded this video and uploaded it, so it shouldn’t be unavailable.

So what happens next? Criminal proceedings!

Next up the Durham report.

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