Durham updates

So, as you all know, Durham just came out of nowhere and indicted Michael Sussman. I have attached it so that you can read it for yourself. Everyone thought he wasn’t going to do anything and then BAM! I am on his personal private channel, he is about to drop some bombs! They are in hiding and strike right before the magical statute expires! It is perfect! He started back in 2016 with the conspiracy, which is where a lot of this started.

Let’s take a more in depth look. What does this mean?? Let’s start with who is Michael Sussman? He is a former Clinton Campaign attorney, a one time partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie. Who is Perkins Coie? They are the go to firm for ALL legal needs of the Democrat Party, which means they are as corrupt as they come. So why is the indictment 27 pages long, when 1 page would have sufficed? He isn’t just filing for lying, he is going after a conspiracy charge and this allows him to do so. Only a 1 page filing is required to prove the lie. Durham is coming out guns blazing.

This indictment hints at more to come. Here is how all of this is linked: The evidence is now in the public domain and shows that the Clinton effort was centered at the Perkins Coie law firm, which represented both the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. The firm paid Sussmann, as a partner, and hired ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele and the Fusion GPS research firm to develop the Russia collusion evidence.

The effort was launched after Clinton’s campaign funded a poll in 2015 that showed that she had ties to Russia and Moscow money that was paid to her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, which was threatening her path to the presidency, according to documents made public last year in  “Fallout,” a book by reporter and author Seamus Bruner.

The first part of the collusion narrative was run by Steele, who used his MI-6 credentials and his prior ties to the FBI and high-ranking DOJ official Bruce Ohr, to walk in his infamous dossier to U.S. law enforcement and intelligence in the summer of 2016. The FBI ultimately concluded Steele’s dossier was riddled with Russian disinformation and disproved evidence.

The second part was Sussmann, who crafted information from computer experts, supporting Hillary Clinton, into the tale of the Alfa Bank server back door. That narrative was flagged by Sussmann’s team as unlikely, even before he pitched it to the FBI, according to the indictment, and the theory was ultimately dismissed by the FBI and Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “It wasn’t true,” Mueller testified to Congress in 2019.

And the third and final part of the dirty trick consisted of the efforts of federal bureaucrats inside the FBI, State Department and intelligence community, many of whom disliked Trump, who managed to deceive the FISA court, the Congress and the American public, often by using leaks to news media outlets to sustain a collusion story, that had fallen apart within weeks of Steele’s first approach.

We now know the CIA had warned the FBI that one focus of the investigation, former Trump adviser Carter Page, was actually a CIA asset and not a Russian stooge. Rather than tell the FISA court, the FBI falsified a document to hide that information.

Likewise, CIA director John Brennan warned then-President Barack Obama that Hillary Clinton was concocting a dirty trick to frame Trump, as a Russian colluder, to distract from her own email server. The FBI was warned repeatedly that the main allegations in Steele’s dossier were riddled with Russian disinformation, debunked evidence and unprovable claims and came from an ex-British spy who hated Trump and was working with Clinton, all kept hidden from the FISA court for critical months.

The dominos are falling and they are falling very quickly. This movie is coming to an end! It took a lot longer than most of us wanted, but it will be a thorough take down of the deep state.

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