The truth about 9/11

Someone reached out to me and wanted me to share what I know about this. Now that we have hit the 20 year mark, and the day is past us, I can write about this, without people being offended or calling me out as cold and callous. Some people still may but sticks and stones. What are we really celebrating? It is not what you think. It is far more sinister. I understand people lost loved ones. If you are one of those people and you are reading this, put your emotions aside while you read this. I assure you, this article will make you very angry, not at me but at what this government did and is capable of.

When the events of 9/11 occurred, I was in 10th grade, in English class. I remember watching the footage and i remember that the buildings were fine for HOURS. There was no swaying or bowing of any kind and then all of a sudden the building falls, demolition style. I was too young to really look into it at the time, but it never seemed right to me. If anything would have fallen, it would have been the top part of the building and it would have fallen off at that juncture, not falling down perfectly. When i got older, I started to look into this.

So why do I say that there are holes in the story? First let’s start with the construction of the towers. They were built to withstand multiple impacts by the largest commercial planes in existence, which at the time was a Boeing 707, notice i say multiple. Only 2 planes hit 1 tower (supposedly), it would have taken alot more than that. Building the foundation required digging 70 feet to the bedrock and excavating more than 1 million cubic yards of dirt. To avoid flooding the site, workers dug a 3500 ft long, 3 ft wide trench around the perimeter of the site (comprised of more than 150 22-foot-long sections). They then filled the trench with a slurry made from water and bentonite, which is an absorbent type of clay. Since the slurry was denser than the dirt that surrounded it, it prevented the dirt from filling the trench. They then lowered 7 ft high steel cages inside the trench panels. These weighed 25 tons each. Once the cages were in place, they poured concrete around it, forcing the lighter slurry up and out. The completed foundation was commonly known as “the bathtub”. It was a tub that kept water out, not in. 

This is a picture taking during the construction. Look at how tight the steel is set.

You can see by the above picture, how structurally sound these buildings were. They were built differently from any other skyscraper at this time. The goal was to have as much floor space for offices, as humanly possible. The stair wells were in the middle of the building. They only had 3 vs 6. They also had only 3 sections for elevators and a use of sky bridges, so they took up less space. The architects even took into consideration the wind. They wanted to the buildings to be able to withstand it. Due to their height, they was more susceptible to wind damage. The building was 101 stories tall. In order to mitigate the wind’s effects on the structure, engineers distributed more than 10,000 viscoelastic dampers throughout the building. The dampers are made of a viscous that is flexible, due to being made of a combination of metal, epoxy and polyacrylic glue. With this cutting-edge shock absorbing system in place, the towers were designed to be able to sway up to 3 feet in either direction, on a windy day.

Next let’s take a look at the steel. In the construction of the floors themselves, a mix of A36 and ASTM A 242 steel was used. ASTM A 242 is what is known as a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel, which means that it was extra-strong, allowing less of it to be used, which makes for a lighter building. Why is this important? This grade of steel has a very high melting point. Steel’s melting point is 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit (1510 Celsius). So the argument being used that the Jet fuel caused the steel to bend or melt is a lie. Jet fuel only burns between 800 and 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in the best conditions, it would not have come close to hurting the structural integrity of the entire building. Steel doesn’t lose its integrity at 1510 celsius, or even 2000. The engineers tested all of this.

If you look at any other Steel building that caught fire, throughout history, not 1 ever fell! NOT 1. That means that would make the WTC buildings the first ever! You can see this information, verified in this NIST document by an architect. The next suspicious thing, is HOW the buildings fell. Even when i was in 10th grade, I knew something wasn’t right. They fell straight down upon itself. That WOULD NOT happen EVER unless the building was demoed. See the videos for comparison.

This does an in video comparison for you. This is the unedited live stream from when the towers went down. Just in case you still don’t believe me…another one. The explosion is identical! The drop and smoke identical. The buildings would NEVER have collapsed, very few people would have died. Instead we have purposeful demo of the towers and Thousands killed…murdered.

So how was this done? Several videos of the collapse, including the ones i shared above, show waves of horizontal mass ejections that race down the faces of the buildings, nearly keeping pace with the material falling outside of the building, well below the zone of destruction. The ejections appear to come from many floors at the same time, which is inconsistent with the idea that the ejections, consisted of debris blown out floor-by-floor, as the floors pancaked together. In addition to the massive waves of ejections, there are many photographs and videos showing individual, focused, high-speed ejections of material many floors below the point of collapse. These are easily explained as explosive ejections. They are not convincingly explained as escaping jets of compressed air.

Once people started questioning the narrative, the media tried to spin it by stating that it was hot enough to “bend” the metal therefore causing structural integrity issues. That is also a bold faced lie. The jet fuel would have burned off within the first ten minutes. Most of the fuel burned up in a fireball outside the building, especially in the case of the South Tower where the plane almost missed the core columns completely. The fires in the buildings, beyond the first few minutes, were essentially office fires, and not very large ones at that, ignited by the jet fuel, like lighter fluid on charcoal. Jet fuel is kerosene. Temperatures from either kerosene or office fires are insufficient to melt, or even catastrophically weaken, the massive steel columns running up the core of the building. Even if the flames and air temperature were at maximum heat, the large mass of steel would wick away the heat and not raise the steel temperature sufficiently. For the steel temperature to come close to the air temperature, the fires would have to be of long duration, but these fires were very brief, they only lasted an hour. There are photographs and video footage of a woman leaning on a girder and waving in the hole where one of the airplanes crashed waiting to be rescued. As you can see below.

This picture alone, proves the theory is false. The fires, on the floors where the impact and the jet fuel had their greatest effect, had subsided, and the air and steel temperatures were moderate enough for people to walk around and touch the steel. This means that they were nowhere near hot enough to cause failure of the structural steel columns. The fact that the fires were emitting black smoke is a sign that they were not burning at high efficiency, so high estimates for fire temperatures are unwarranted. Furthermore, no steel beams recovered by NIST during its investigation showed temperatures over a few hundred degrees, which is far below the temperatures needed to weaken steel.

Next, we have building 7. This building is only 47 stories tall. Why would this building fall? No planes crashed into it. There was no huge chunks of debris that hit it, which even then wouldn’t make the building collapse on itself. It may have put a hole in the building, maybe. The building collapse is suspect and I knew from the day it happened live. I knew it was all fake or set up. There was very little fall out from other buildings, and very little touched this building. There was no reason for this building to fall, at all. The simple answer…it was destroyed. How do I know this? BBC and CNN both reported its collapse, complete with an explanation for why it happened, but they got their script wrong AND did the report while the building was still standing. In both cases, you can clearly see the building behind the reporter as she announces the collapse. There are also numerous accounts of policemen and firemen clearing people away, telling people that the building was going to come down. This all proves that they KNEW, way ahead of time. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the building, stated an unnamed fire department commander and himself made the decision to “pull it.”  He clearly indicates that they decided to demolish the building. The problem with this statement, of course, is that the building could not have been set up for demolition by the fire department, in a matter of hours. Demolitions require weeks of preparation. If the demolition was planned, then the incidents of 9/11 had to have been known AND planned in advance. Their narrative immediately falls apart, which is why they had to come up with some stupid and elaborate Afghan terror hoax. There was no real Taliban threat, our government created them and ISIS.

Everything that has happened up to this point screams cover-up. The security cameras at local gas stations and hotels, that would have recorded the Pentagon crash, were immediately confiscated and withheld from public view. Two New York firefighters have stated that three of the four flight recorders at the World Trade Center were recovered, but according to the 9/11 Commission they were not.  The steel from the World Trade Center site quickly disposed of, the vast majority of it taken to Asia for recycling. The official investigators retained only a few unrepresentative samples. A structural engineer from UC Berkeley, who went to the site as soon as planes were allowed to fly, was banned from Ground Zero. He had to do his research in recycling yards as the evidence was being destroyed. The destruction of evidence was not mere oversight or carelessness. It was carried out in public, in the face of a public outcry from firefighters and others who published angry complaints in the New York Times.

Not only was the physical evidence destroyed, the blueprints of the buildings were made secret and withheld from the public. They were not even made available to the investigators. Copies of some of the architectural and electrical blueprints of the North Tower were later made public by whistle blowers. They confirm the existence of massive columns in the core of the building and cross bracing between the columns, contradicting early claims of the buildings’ architectural inadequacy. still reports that the way it was built contributed to the collapse of the building, which is absolute hogwash, as I have so carefully laid out.

There is abundant testimony from many eyewitnesses who reported explosions, in the buildings, long before they fell, including explosions in the lobby and basements. There is video footage of burn victims who were involved in some of these explosions. This video shows firefighters using a pay phone, interrupted by a loud startling explosion in Building 7 long before it fell. It has recently been verified that that video was taken before noon. There’s eyewitness testimony ,by a city official (Barry Jennings), of explosions in Building 7, even before the 2 towers fell. The leadership, of the fire department, interviewed hundreds of firefighters in the weeks after 9/11.  Many of them testified to explosions in the buildings, prior to the collapse. Their testimony was locked away, and released only through recent court action.

The 9/11 commission itself was a result of long and loud pressure by the families of 9/11 victims. Launching an immediate investigation would seem to be a no brainer but it was resisted for over a year by the Bush Administration. When the administration finally acquiesced, it appointed Henry Kissinger to head the commission. Public outcry and conflict-of-interest resulted in him withdrawing his name. The commission was overtly balanced, with five Republicans and five Democrats, but the Executive Director, who tipped the balance and steered the commission behind the scenes, was Philip Zelikow, a close associate of Condoleezza Rice. In violation of the rules of the commission, it appears that Zelikow remained in contact with the White House, during the investigation.   The commission adopted rules that it would present a “consensus” report, meaning no controversial or dissenting opinions would appear. As noted above, they made no mention whatsoever of Building 7 and they suppressed any testimony that would call the official account into question.

As if this information wasn’t enough, there is more. The scientific investigators for 9/11 have come under scrutiny. NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was the government agency assigned to investigate the building collapses. The NIST report on Building 7, which was released for public comment on August 2008, claimed that the collapse of Building 7 took 40% longer than a free fall collapse. This is a blatantly false claim. In the November 2008 final report they had a revised analysis in which they admitted a 2.25 second period of free fall, but buried it in a deceptive framework and ignored the obvious implications. Free fall can only occur if all resistance has been removed, simultaneously across the whole width of the building within a small fraction of a second. This is a smoking gun for use of explosives. NIST refused to even look for evidence of explosives.

The questions we should be asking are quite simple. Why did they demolish building 7? What are they hiding? Why did they murder over 3000 people? What was the whole point?? For foreign oil? That is ludicrous, we have tons here within our own soil. No this was something else entirely. I haven’t figured all of this out yet but I am sure it has to do with the Deep state. They tried to do this in 1993 but failed miserably. They had to use cutter explosives with thermite. That is the only way to explain the molten lava like liquid everyone witnessed.

I told you I would go wherever the rabbit hole went. It is deep and wide and full of deception. If our government is capable of this, which they are, then why is anyone buying into this COVID scam. This is the same government people. None of the players are really different, except Harris because she was too busy sleeping her way to the top to become CA Prosecutor. Everyone else involved is still in the political arena, some how. Stop trusting the government, they are not your friend and do not want the best for you. They want what is best for their pockets. They needed this disaster to bolster govt ratings and approval. At what cost? Was it really worth it? I don’t think so. All of their corrupt and hard laid plans are all being exposed brick by brick. The deep state is done. They know it and that is why they are in full panic mode. It is a government BY the people FOR the people. We run the show. It is time we remind them of that.

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As always, thank you all. Having over 500 visitors a day to my blog is amazing! Let’s stay vigilante and get the truth out there. The corruption runs deep and it is my mission in life to expose it! Stay vigilant patriots.


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