The Clinton dynasty is dead

You have all seen the tribunal transcripts from Bill and Hillary’s Tribunals. Now we move on to her daughter and her husband. I am not going to paste them in here but will link to them so you can read them, if you wish. I have never liked that family and always knew they were liars, this definitely proved it.

Chelsea and her husband got into the family business of trafficking kids from Haiti, to their sick pedo friends. When the military arrested Chelsea, she was actually caught in the act. She had some kids in her car that she was transporting to some friends. She is just as arrogant and evil as her mother and married a spineless man who bowed at her every whim. They have kids but they are far too young to have been corrupted, thank goodness. I just feel bad for them because of who their parents are.

Chelsea had her tribunal in late October. That is for day 2. Day 3 was when she was convicted. From the time of her conviction and her death was pretty short. She was hung early November.

Her husband had also been caught in a lie and lost his immunity. He faced the tribunal and was found guilty. He will spend the rest of his miserable life in Gitmo. This was a great way to start Thanksgiving this year!

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