George W Bush has been executed!

My sources have verified that as of 2 days ago, GW Bush was executed at GITMO. There was no fanfare and he basically went out foul, just like the others. There was a promise of more Bush Justice coming our way. My best guess is that Jeb will be the next apprehended. I have no clue if his daughters have done anything foul, but I guess we shall find out. The end is near folks. Stay tuned for more updates. There is light at the end of the tunnel! This was another great way to start off 2022!


  1. anonymous · January 14, 2022

    Of all the executions mention in your recent post, have there been any public appearances to debunk claims?


    • MWitt · January 14, 2022

      No, they are talking about them and showing pictures, or you are seeing people in masks, which makes the features off and distorted or they are using straight up CGI.


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