Major resignations and retirements in Congress

65 members of congress, as of this month, have announced either retirement or have resigned. This NEVER happens, no matter what. This is something that is going on in the public eye that they are using to explain the mass disappearances of members in congress. This means they are in custody and either signing like a song bird or will be executed. Some of the ones on this list are on my list of senators that will be hung for treason. This is NOT a coincidence. Why is NO ONE reporting on this? This is HUGE and it is being glossed over! This along with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial verdict of guilty, should help people swallow some of the info that will be coming and help them connect the dots. When this is over, this will literally be the biggest Act of Terrorism that this country has seen and it will go down in the WIN column for our country.

Of the 65 members only 6 are retiring, this will free up 5 republican seats and 1 democrat seat. That leaves 59. Of those 59, 37 house reps are not seeking re-election. 25 of of which are democrats, leaving 12 republicans. That leaves 22 resignations. 17 of these are democrats, leaving the remaining 5 as republicans.

The total democrat vacancies, as of today, is 43. Total republican vacancies, as of today, is 22. The Democrats are leaving almost 2x faster than republicans. Folks, the shit is about to hit the fan. The military is coming in on it’s end game. This is what I KNOW based on all the intel and all the executions that has happened. My sources have said, and it is 100% verified, that 95% of Washington DC will be wiped out, when this is all over. It is definitely coming to fruition and looking very, very promising. Stay tuned for more as it unveils. These rabbit holes are insane and 100% true. Enjoy the crazy ride.

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