Empty hospitals

When I went to our hospital here in Maine, it was empty. There was 1 patient and they were double vaxxed and puking their guts out. I went cause I threw my back out. Here is a video and some pictures that were emailed directly to one of my sources. This is the Garnett Health Medical Center in NY on 01/11/22. They have said they are not allowing ANY visitors in because they are OVERWHELMED. This looks pretty underwhelmed if you ask me. See for yourself.

Here is the link to my rumble channel, where i upload ALL videos. This link is directly to the video on the same day. You can see unused machines, very little staff, no chaos, as you usually would see with a regular ER or even one that is overwhelmed.

If you work in healthcare and can send us similar videos or videos, please email them to me directly- michelle@thelibertyledger.blog I can keep you completely anonymous. We just want the truth. Even if you are in another country, send us what you got! Thank you warriors and keep up the fight!

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