Mysterious construction at the WH

Nobody is reporting this, which is irking me to no end. There are concrete and wood barriers being placed around the entire front lawn of the White House. They are using the lame excuse of working on the fountain, um no, try again. See for yourself.

Within one day it went from the above picture to this. Work on the fountain would have been done with as much time as this took, something fishy is going on folks….

Other weird happenings, is that DC is a dead zone. It’s never dead, always packed with tourists. So what is going on? Also the flags were never at half staff anywhere and snipers missing from WH roof, every day….hmmmm. Then there was a huge security detail, the next day on 1/14, presence for an empty WH, but why?? 13 agents going in? again why? At the WH visitor center, Biden is missing from the wall of Presidents…it has been a year…hmmm, why would that be…oh I know, cause he is NOT president.

I will continue to share updates as the truth unfolds.

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