Athletes and the Covid vax- Part 1

What is going on in the athletic world? This comes to no surprise to me. If the covid vaccine is so safe and effective, then how in the hell would you explain this? The athletes are the MOST Covid vaccinated in the world, period. Now we see the affects and the media either lies about it or ignores it. Let’s take a look at this, since the inception of the vaccine, shall we?

  1. 01/01/21, Windmore, Pennsylvania, USA Dead– Blake Barklage (17), a tennis player at La Salle High School in Windmore, Pennsylvania HE collapsed and died with cardiac arrest, after his team’s victory in the PCL. 
  2. 01/03/21 Portugal  Dead– Alex Apolinario (24), Brazilian soccer player dies after collapsing on pitch during match in Portugal. He died four days later.
  3. 01/09/21 USA- Jordan Glenn, Wisconsin basketball player. Collapsed in a break at the start of the half. CPR with a defibrillator, transferred to hospital by Ambulance. In April, had open heart surgery and now has a defibrillator inserted near his abdomen. A year after his first collapse, he collapses AGAIN!
  4. 01/10/21 USA Dead – Wayne Radford (64), NBA star and former Indianapolis team star, died at his home in Indianapolis from a ruptured aneurysm.
  5. 01/12/21 Denmark
    Lukas Olesen (20), Slagelse B&I Soccer player from Bornholm had a sudden cardiac arrest during training. He then went into a coma.   
  6. 01/22/21 USA  Dead
    Hank Aaron (86), former Pro Baseball player received his COVID vaccine on January 5th, 2021 to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine and encourage other black Americans to do the same.  Died two weeks later in his sleep – listed as natural causes. 
  7. 01/30/21, France
    Garissone Innocent (20), Caen Team Soccer goalkeeper collapsed and blacked out in a game against Chambly. He suffered a tachycardia attack, a fancy diagnoses for a heart attack. He was unable to speak or breathe.  I would like to note that 20 year olds do NOT suffer from heart attacks, especially not athletes.
  8. 02/06/21 Philippines Dead
    Clement Lucchu (25), Cameroonian basketball player who played in Manila, Philippines, suffered a heart attack and died.  
  9. 02/21/21 Croatia Dead
    Zlatko Saracevich (59), former Yugoslavia handball player and world handball champion, won Gold with Croatia at Atlanta Olympics, and recent handball coach. His team just won in a derby against RK Lokomotiva 32:29, and he collapsed with a cardiac arrest just after he gave a media statement. Resuscitation failed.  
  10. 02/21/21 Queensland, Australia Dead– Dale Best (34), Maroochydore Swans Rugby League player collapsed during a match. Sports trainers performed CPR then paramedics attempted to stabilize the player. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died. 
  11.  02/22/21 Portugal Dead
    Alfredo Quintana (32), a Cuban handball goalie in Portugal. Collapsed after going into cardiac arrest during practice. He died four days later.  
  12. 03/03/21, Wallkill Central School, New York, USA  Dead
    Miguel Antonio Lugo (17) high school football player collapsed during the first football practice of the year. He was found seizing in the lobby. He died.
  13. 03/08/21 Egypt Dead
    Abdel-Rahman Atef (23), Al-Rowad Club football player collapsed and died during his team’s Al game in the city of Sharqiya. He swallowed his tongue, which only happens during a seizure-and you would have to bite through it first, and resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful due to untrained staff, or so they claim.   
  14. 03/11/21 Christchurch New Zealand
    David Wakefield (27), New Zealand cricketer collapsed during training from cardiac arrest. He was brought back to life using a defibrillator, hospitalized for three weeks in intensive care, required extensive rehabilitation before he could walk and talk. He was diagnosed with myocarditis, which means he will most likely be dead in 5 years.  
  15. 03/13/2021 New Hampshire, USA Dead
    Marvin Hagler (66), Boxer was rushed to hospital with chest pains and trouble breathing before dying four hours later according to his son, James. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, his former opponent and long-time friend posted on Instagram that Hagler was “in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine.”   
  16. 03/19/21, Milton Keynes, UK
    Raymond van Barneveld (53), darts player collapsed and received paramedic attention during PDC Championship. 
  17. 03/19/21 Charleston SC, USA Dead
    Joe Bradshaw, 19, a football player at Charleston Southern University collapsed with cardiac arrest and shallow breathing.
  18. 03/20/21 USA Dead
    Andy Haman (54), Pro bodybuilder has died from a Pulmonary embolism. They are saying its from complications from elbow surgery. There is NO way someone turns on their side and just stops breathing. He was on blood thinners and that prevents clotting. It is bull hockey. I know how this stuff works because of my husband’s health history.
  19. 03/21/21, Sacramento California, USA Dead
    Emmanual Antwi (18), a Kennedy High football player collapsed on the field in Sacramento. On-field CPR attempts failed and he died.
  20. 03/23/21
    Moussa Dembélé (25), Atlético Madrid striker collapsed in training and received medical attention.  
  21. 03/29/21 India Dead
    Devaraj Anchan (33), a state-level volleyball player collapsed, clutching his chest, while playing in a tournament and died on the way to hospital in Udupi.  
  22. 03/30/21, Ghana
    Charles Bulu, Ghanaian referee collapsed during AFCON qualifier match. 
  23. 03/30/21, USA
    Alex Stalock (34), NHL Oilers goalie out for the season or more due to heart condition. Positive COVID Test in November 2020, diagnosed with myocarditis in March 2021   
  24. 03/31/21 USA
    Brett Smith, an NCAA college basketball referee, collapsed during a game. He was hospitalized with a blood clot.
  25. 03/31/21 Norway
    Filip Ingebrigtsen (28) Norwegian runner had a tough 2021 after a reaction to the corona vaccine. Ingebrigtsen got the second vaccine dose just after the Olympics in Tokyo. His goal was “getting back to normal” but on October 17, he finished 10th in a race his brother won.
  26. 04/06/21, Callalen, Corpus Cristi Dead
    Moira Claire Arney (15) McAllen High School female Soccer player collapsed and died during practice
  27. 04/09/21 USA
    Bert Smith (56), NCAA men’s basketball Referee collapsed due to a blood clot in his lung during a tournament  
  28. 04/09/21 Maine, USA Dead
    Red Gendron (63), University of Maine Ice Hockey Coach died after a cardiac arrest while playing golf. His university colleague said he seemed fine earlier, when the team met to receive academic awards. Red was fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  
  29. 04/10/21 Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
    Dave Mears (58), British former martial arts champion ( Taekwondo and Muay Thai) and current martial arts teacher had his left leg amputated, after an infection, caused by 1 jab of the AstraZeneca vaccination caused his foot to explode.
  30. 04/12/21 Croatia Dead
    Dejan Oršuch (24), Croation NK Otok player, collapsed from a heart attack and later died in the Čakovec County Hospital.  
  31. 04/18/21 Jamaica Dead
    Tremaine Stewart (Tan Tan) (32), Jamaican soccer player, with FC Dunbeholden, collapsed and died during the kick around before a match.  
  32. 04/22/21 Australia
    Craig Jones (29), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion black belt is unable to train or fight after a COVID vaccine injection causes fluid around his stomach.
  33. 04/24/21 Argentina Dead
    Luis Ojeda (20), Argentine football player died unexpectedly.  
  34. 04/24/21 Texas ,USA Dead
    Ernesto Ramirez Jr: 16-Year-Old Boy collapsed while playing basketball and died with a double-size enlarged heart, 5 days after his first Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine.
  35. 04/27/21 Minnesota, USA
    Marco Rossi (19), Minnesota Wild Ice Hockey player has myocarditis. Team is reported to have been “fully vaccinated”.
  36. 04/28/21, Atlanta, GA USA
    Brandon Goodwin (26), NBA player suffered blood clots shortly after COVID-19 vaccine. Possible end of career, still sidelined 7 months later.  
  37. 05/01/21 Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA Dead
    Nickolas Lawrynas (17), Varsity football player died suddenly and unexpectedly. They say he died from epilepsy, but he was perfectly healthy…
  38. 05/01/21,  USA
    Sage Canaday (35), ultra marathon runner had pneumonia and blood clots. Sage ran the Canyons 100k Ultra Marathon in California (April 24), flew back to Colorado. He then had the 2nd Pfizer vaccine and soon started having breathing problems and was in bed at least from May 1 to after May 6 when he said he had pneumonia. Went into the hospital May 30 or 31, diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism, blood clots.
  39. 05/07/21 Utah, USA
    Everest Romney (17), a healthy 6’9″ high school sophomore hospitalized after experiencing severe migraines and swelling in his neck post-vaccination. Within 24 hours of getting the vaccine, Everest began experiencing an “exorbitant amount” of pain and swelling in his neck that originated on the same side he received the vaccine. Everest’s dad experienced a similar reaction following a Moderna injection. An x-ray revealed he had over 100 blood clots in his lungs. 
  40. 05/07/2021 Ohio, USA
    Greyson Follmer (19), Ohio State University elite athlete received his first dose of Pfizer April 16, with minor side effects. He took his second Pfizer shot on May 7th and developed severe heart complications (myocarditis) within a very short time. Doctors say he could take years to recover. “My son feels like he’s having a heart attack 24/7,” his mother said. “He now has high blood pressure, severe chest pains, back pain, elevated kidney levels, hypothyroidism, inflamed lymph nodes in different areas of his body, and he can’t work or exercise.” He feels like he’s dying and has to sleep all the time. Follmer said no one told her about reporting her son’s adverse reaction to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). “If I hadn’t put it on Facebook and someone hadn’t told me to put it in VAERS, I would have never known to do it.” VAERS (ID1395886)  
  41. 05/08/21 Travis County, TX
    Coach Pete (45), athletics coach collapsed 6 days after the second Pfizer vaccine with a stroke and was in a coma. Was vaccinated 04/11/21 and 05/02/21. Here is a study that proves covid vaxx causes heart issues.  
  42. 05/09/21 Shropshire, England
    Simon Walker (42), British soccer coach developed massive blood clots and permanent heart damage after his first AstraZeneca vaccination on May 2nd. Hospitalized with a resting heart rate of 188 bpm on May 9th and only has 20% heart function.   
  43. 05/10/21, Nottinghamshire, England  Dead
    Josh Downie (24), cricketer  died after cardiac arrest at practice . His mother Helen said he had no known health problems. “It’s just completely out of the blue,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real at the moment.” 
  44. 05/11/21 Wales  Dead – Logan Luker (17), rugby player Youth Captain at Penygraig RFC died suddenly.
  45. 05/11/21 Germany
    Miroslav Klose (42), former Germany striker and assistant coach at Bayern Munich suffering from blood clots in his leg. He had to stop coaching.
  46. 05/14/21, Malaysia  Dead
    Haziq Kamaruddin (27), Olympian archer died of coronary artery disease. Died 10 days after Pfizer injections on April 13th and May 4th 2021.  
  47. 05/18/2021 Switzerland
    Michaël Perrier (32), Stade Lausanne Ouchy football player. During a team outing, the Swiss footballer suddenly suffered a serious cardiac arrest. It was after his first dose (04/23/2021) of the Moderna vaccine. He received 5 shocks of a defibrillator, then stayed 3 days in an artificial coma. A defibrillator was implanted to prevent a future cardiac arrest and he stayed 2.5 weeks in the hospital. After 5 months rest, some arrythmia and light inflammation was still present, so he was unable to return to high level football and had to retire.
  48. 05/28/2021 Seattle, WA USA
    Stefan Frei (36), Seattle Sounders goalkeeper suffered from blood clots in his knee. The Seattle Sounders announced in April that the team is “fully vaccinated.” In May, it was reported that blood clots in his knee could keep him out for 3-6 months.    
  49. 05/29/21 Macedonia Dead
    Nikola Danilovski (24), Metalurg Skopje handball goalkeeper died. Suspected drowning in Lake Ohrid after possible cardiac arrest.
  50. 05/30/21 Germany
    Marvin Schumann, a Gifhorn amateur player was revived after cardiac arrest.  There are a lot of articles on this but all are in German and you cannot translate them. They all tie this to the vaxx.
  51. 05/31/21 Bristol, England Dead
    Adam Bounds (41), football player died from a severe brain-bleed in Derriford Hospital, 11 days after AstraZeneca vaccine.
  52. 06/01/21, Denmark
    Christian Eriksen(29), star Inter Milan footballer collapsed with cardiac arrest, on the pitch, 12 days after receiving a Pfizer vaccine on May 31st. He was revived with a defibrilator. The team doctor confirmed the team was vaccinated on May 18th – this may have meant all had received at least one shot, because another report mentions May 31st. 
  53. 06/03/2021 Macedonia Dead
    Marko Bozinovski (20), RK Butel Handball player and Macedonian youth representative collapsed and died due to a heart condition, the Macedonian Handball Federation said. No cause of death given, but speculated that it is a heart problem. His death is only 6 days after Nikola Danilovski.  
  54. 06/04/21 Fujimarino, Italy Dead
    Giuseppe Perrino (29), collapsed and died during a tribute game for his dead brother, Rocco. Paramedics at the scene tried to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful.
  55. 06/05/21 Russia Dead
    Maxim Ishkeldin (30), world field hockey champion, Russian national team midfielder, died suddenly in Novosibirsk, as a result of a blood clot.  
  56. 06/07/21, Germany,  Dead
    Michael Schneider (38), Table tennis professional from Germany,  died suddenly and unexpectedly.
  57. 06/07/21 Virginia, USA Dead
    Joshua Johnson (16), was astandout football player for William Monroe High School in Stanardsville, Virginia. He died suddenly while fishing with his father. 
  58. 06/09/21, Ontario, Canada  Dead
    Kamila Label-Farrel (19), University Basketball star died, unexpectedly, while on a morning jog. she collapsed while stretching.  
  59. 06/12/21 Italy Dead
    Chloe Giani Gavazzi (12) was an Italian youth tennis player. She was a member of Golarsa Academy in Milan. She died suddenly. She was found dead, in her bed, by her mother.  
  60. 06/12/21 Maryland, USA Dead
    Sang Ho Baek (20)- aGeorge Mason University baseball pitcher died after bloodclots following covid vaccination and “Tommy John” elbow surgery on June 8th. His father said “our family is devastated and we want answers to why our healthy son would die so suddenly after routine surgery.”  

Before you go saying, oh this isn’t bad. This is only from January 21 to June 21. I have so many I have to separate these into 4 parts! So far I have 511, in 1 year. They start to accelerate now that we are into June and people are getting multiple vax jabs. I haven’t even started looking past Jan of this year yet. As I get these lists done I will post them.

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