More updates

Hello all! I am back, or will try to be. Life is crazy, as we all know. Just stand strong and know it is almost over. I repeat this to myself daily. On to today’s update: Real Raw News has confirmed that 1 of their 5 Mar-a-lago sources is none other than Steve Bannon. Most of the news you now see is completely fabricated, as you can see in the article linked. The news is reporting that Bannon is going to testify against Trump, it is completely fabricated. Especially Liz Cheney’s fake Jan 6th commission where they lie and have doppelganger’s or even computer generated people that they program to say what they want. They have 0 facts, as we all know and witnessed. If this was a legitimate anything they would have every news outlet in the room. The truth is they have no evidence and continue to go after Trump. Why? Because he is a huge threat. Biden’s admin doesn’t even have the nuclear codes. If he was really president, he would have them. More and more proof just keeps coming to prove that he isn’t, not too mention, that the guy who is pretending to be Biden, looks nothing like the real Biden, as I have proven in an earlier post.

Next let us go to the death of Ivana Trump. I pulled up the cause of her death yesterday, they claim it was an accident. They say the cause of death was numerous punctures to the chest. Can someone please tell me how that would be accidental? That is obvious bullsh*t. She was clearly murdered. As soon as news of her death came across the headlines I was suspicious. Then I read that report. Now I am very suspicious. It seems Trump and his family say the same thing. This comes from a Mar-a-lago source. Here is the article from RRN.

Here is another thing everyone needs to remember, ANY LAW that goes AGAINST the US Constitution is NULL and VOID. The President does NOT have the Power to create law. Anything created by fake Biden is NULL and VOID. Any journalist with a brain knows this and yet they are touting the opposite. Even law books state the same thing.

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