Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Shannon Corless voluntarily surrenders to JAG

This is breaking news folks! This happened this week! On October 17th, a frenzied Corless made a frenzied phone call to Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington. When Corless spoke with Harrington, she told her that the madness had to stop and that she would turn herself in and confess in exchange for leniency.

“Liz Harrington had no idea who she was or what she was blabbering about,” our source said. “But told her if she had committed crimes in contravention of the US Constitution and wanted to speak to someone about it, she had to call JAG’s office in Pensacola. And that’s exactly what she did.”

The next day, on October 18th, Corless and her attorney (the name has not yet been disclosed) arrived in Pensacola, Florida to speak with JAG investigators. Corless brought with her a SD card that holds proof that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Corless and other members of the Treasury Department embezzled tens of millions of dollars. They funds were dispersed to radical leftwing organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matters, but they kept quite a bit for themselves. She insisted that she was only following orders and that Yellen had coerced her into participating. She made sure ,to go out of her way, to mention that some of the funds’ were used solely to “buy votes.”

This all came about because she thought the military was keeping an eye on her. Neither JAG or the White hats have any idea what she is pertaining too. Seems as thought, her own people, were keeping tabs on her. JAG is currently reviewing the SD card and the evidence on it, to determine Corless’ fate.

This will be updated, as soon as an update is available.

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