Military Civil War has begun

With Austin and the deep state being so desperate to put an end to their demise, they decide to turn up the heat. The Deep State tries to go on the defensive. On Monday, December 2nd, south of Colorado Springs, along Interstate 25, there was a clash of military personnel. Gen Berger’s Marines were expecting another truck load of guns, headed for the IRS, instead they discovered a trap.

Intelligence indicated that the truck would be teeming with crates of sidearms, rifles, and ammunition. The source would not specify where General Berger obtained his intel, but said that “it seemed credible enough to act on.” General Berger activated a Marine Recon platoon of approximately 25 men to intercept the truck and seize ordnance found within. Marines had the make and model of the semi, as well as the plate numbers and projected route. General Berger had scrutinized the vehicle’s expected route of transit and decided that the Marines, driving civilian SUVs, should ambush it from fore and aft.

The plan was at 11:30 p.m. the Marines, in three SUVs, would peel out in front of the tractor trailer, while the other two SUV’s, hidden in a densely wooded alcove beside the interstate, would bring up the rear, essentially trapping the truck. At 1:00 a.m. the Marines, equipped with thermal optics other modern tech, spotted the truck cruising toward them. They saw 2 occupants, both of whom appeared to be civilian. The Marines swerved onto the interstate, pinching the truck between the front and rear elements. Six Marines, with weapons drawn, dismounted and approached the cab. They ordered the occupants to exit with their hands raised. The driver and the passenger complied but looked a bit shocked, our source added. The Marines then examined the manifest, which made no mention of weapons. Instead, it listed the cargo as 250 cases of N-95 face masks.

When the Marine in charge of the operation, a second lieutenant, asked for the key to the padlock that was securing the trailer doors, the driver shrugged his shoulders and said only the cargo’s recipient had a key. Marines used their bolt cutters and removed the lock. As soon as the 2 Marines opened the doors they were met with brutal gunfire. Six uniformed soldiers unleashed a barrage of bullets. One marine was struck three times, twice in the chest, once in the neck, and died almost instantly. Another Marine took rounds to his shoulder and face and was bleeding profusely as one of his brothers, also shot, pulled him from the line of fire, while the other Marines dove for cover behind their vehicles and returned fire, emptying several magazines on both the truck and the treasonous soldiers inside. All six soldiers inside the truck were killed in action. The Marines arrested the driver and passenger and commandeered the truck, void of any cargo.

“This is a major escalation and a tragedy. We’re not talking about a fight between White Hats and corrupt feds. This is military on military. General Berger is saddened by this all. Obviously there was a leak, and we got fed bad intel. General Berger will get to the bottom of this.” The inside source stated. Insignia on the fallen soldiers’ uniforms showed they belonged to the 4th Infantry Division, out of Fort Carson, Colorado.

The six deceased U.S. Army were wearing dog tags. The names belonged to actual U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, a five-minute drive from where the lethal gunfight took place. When the smoke cleared, the Marines transported the bodies to a White Hat safe house near Vail. At the safe house, a forensic dentist x-rayed the decedents’ teeth and crossmatched the results to DOD records, to see if they were imposters or really military personnel. The dentist got positive matches the soldiers were not imposters and members of the 4th Infantry Division in Fort Carson. The names, ranks, military occupational skill (MOS,) or time in service are not being released at this time.

According to our source, Gen. Berger did reach out to the 4th Infantry commander, Major General David M. Hodne for an explanation. Hodne denied having any knowledge of the incident but said he is beholden to Joseph R. Biden. “The 4th accounts for about 32,000 active duty. If they’re all loyal to Biden, it represents a threat to our operations,” our source added.

Events happening behind the scenes are both tantalizing and crazy. Stay tuned as this continues. A lot is happening quickly now, and I will do my best to get you all caught up and stay up to speed.

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