Deep State spies and saboteurs caught red handed!

On February 12th, United States Marines gunned down criminal FBI agents trying to sabotage an electrical substation in Meridian, Idaho.

Over the last 3 months, at least 9 substations have been attacked in North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon, causing tens of thousands of people to go without power, sometimes for several days. Following those attacks, the FBI posted a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever carried out the twin attacks in Moore and Randolph Counties, N.C.

The feds implicated Trump supporters who oppose the LGBTQ community because the saboteurs struck cities hosting trans-friendly events. The irony behind this situation is that the FBI’s corrupt agents perpetrated the substation mishaps. According to my source, the FBI’s “5th Column,” a growing number of agents working against Merrick Garland and his abhorrent Department of Justice, told Gen. Smith’s office that rogue agents were planning to disable a “power station near Boise” during the Super Bowl, but the tipster didn’t know which substation would be struck. Boise is a city with 250,000 residents and its suburbs have numerous substations. Gen. Smith wanted to ensure it was a legitimate threat before acting upon this tip.

When the substation tip came in, Gen. Smith asked, “Boise? Why Boise?” The whistleblower couldn’t answer the question. He couldn’t say whether Merrick Garland or Director Christopher Wray authorized the attack, or name the field office from where the sinister agents would emerge.

“The agents fighting the regime’s takeover—we know they put themselves at risk. We still must be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing and traps,” our source said.

He added that Gen. Smith spent two days pondering a course of action: either disregard the tip or send a small expeditionary force to Idaho. The general decided on the latter because “If something went down and Marines weren’t there to try to thwart it, Gen. Smith wouldn’t forgive his inaction.”

By Super Bowl Sunday kickoff, a Marine reconnaissance platoon had already arrived in Idaho and had scouted five distribution substations within a 30-mile radius of downtown Boise. The platoon commander, unwilling to stretch his forces too thinly, divided the Marines into three 8-man teams, stationing them at substations with the least visible security(chain fences and such) and foliage the agents could use to avoid detection.

An hour into the game, the Eagles were beating Kansas City, but the Marines in Idaho saw no signs of FBI saboteurs. Right at halftime, an SUV sporting “Trump 2024” bumper stickers stopped beside the gate of the Columbia substation in Meridian. Four men, none of whom looked like feds, exited the truck and approached the locked gate. All wore MAGA gear and one carried bolt cutters and 2 had AR-15-style rifles slung across their shoulders.

The Marines challenged the quartet as it snapped the padlocked gate. The intruders were told to stand down and surrender. One of the men removed his rifle from his shoulder, rocked the charging handle, and aimed the gun toward the Marines’ direction. The Marines, armed with suppressor equipped M27 rifles, opened fire, killing the aggressors. Upon searching the bodies, the Marines found several magazines and a belt pouch of C4 explosives, though none of the dead men had wallets or identification. They ran a make on the SUV’s VIN and plates, which traced back to a laundromat in Wilmington, Delaware.

The dead men were fingerprinted, and White Hats matched two sets of prints to FBI agents, assigned to an FBI office in Spokane, Washington.

“We can’t interrogate the dead, but at least now we know the FBI is complicit in the substation attacks,” our source said. “What’s worse, we’ve given the proof to the MSM but they refuse to air it. These outlets include Fox, OANN, and Newsmax.”

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