FBI’s Current Crimes against Humanity

As time passes, I am still playing catch up! I am only sharing stories I feel are the most important. We all know by now, that the FBI is corrupt. Let’s see what they have been up to recently. Besides the well known, and completely illegal, Mar-a-lago raid. On Tuesday February 28th, Brett Bair was on air, on Fox news. His special guest is none other than FBI Director Christopher Wray. In this Tuesday evening interview, Bair asked Wray softball questions and tacitly applauding his imaginary accomplishments. What you don’t know, however, is that FBI agents, under Wray’s instruction, were waging a vindictive financial war on conservatives opposing the fake Biden regime.

The White Hats advised that the FBI, assisted by local law enforcement, in red states, has targeted Trump supporters. They are doing this using a practice called “civil asset forfeiture,” whereby unconstitutional laws allow law enforcement to seize property, money, or assets, if police merely believe it is connected to criminal activity. Police do not have to file charges or even prove guilt in these cases before seizing and keeping property, and there is no limit to what police can take. Federal forfeiture law gives law enforcement a strong monetary interest in asset seizures. Under the Department of Justice’s equitable sharing program, state and local law enforcement, that turn over seized property to the federal government, can pocket up to 80 % of the forfeiture proceeds. Additionally, federal law does not require collecting or reporting data on state, local, or federal seizures.

Cops call it a valuable tool to curb drug and gun trafficking. Constitutional lawyers, on the other hand, say civil asset forfeiture laws promote legalized theft. I am pretty sure most of us would agree w the lawyer.

“It’s discriminately policing for profit,” said Master Chief Bradley D. Earl of the U.S. Navy’s JAG Law Program. “A victim is presumed guilty and must prove his innocence to reclaim property and cash, drawn out litigation that the average person can’t afford. And now we have substantive proof that the feds have recruited law enforcement, in conservative states, to hunt supporters of President Trump.”

He added that JAG and the Office of Military Commissions learned of the uptick of civil asset forfeitures from FBI 5th Columnists (a growing number of agents who have disavowed the regime and sworn to topple Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray’s criminal enterprise). Command Master Chief Earl referred us to a 5th Columnist who agreed to comment under the promise of anonymity. This 5th columnist recounted two situations where the feds aided crooked cops in Blue-run Texas cities.

On February 5th, 64-year-old Dilbert Cummings, a retiree, whom had just sold his successful plumbing business, was driving his Ford F-250 along State Highway 35 when an Austin Police Department patrol car stopped him for violating Texas’ license plate frame law, claiming his rear plate was “obstructed.” This obstruction, he was speaking of, was a splash of mud that was on a single number. The officers commented on the bumper stickers and window decals: Trump 2024, I Stand With Trump, Drain the Swamp, Carry Like It’s 1776, God Bless America, We the People, You can Pry My Rifle from My Cold Dead Hands, etc. They then asked Cummings if he planned to vote for Trump in 2024.

Mr. Cummings asserted his Constitutional right to remain silent, saying he didn’t answer questions, though he did provide his license, registration, and proof of insurance. The cops then noticed an AR-style rifle hanging from the rear window of the truck. It is important to note here that Texas has no laws regarding carrying long guns (rifles or shotguns) in motor vehicles. The cops reportedly said, “If you like guns, you must love Donald Trump,” then asked if Mr. Cummings had any cash or drugs in the vehicle and requested permission to search it.

Mr. Cummings invoked his 4th Amendment right, which supposedly protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. His Constitutional knowledge irritated the police officers, who detained him while they summoned a K-9 unit to check the vehicle for narcotics. When the dog and handler arrived 20 minutes later, they were not alone. A tan sedan with a pair of FBI Special Agents parked behind the K-9 officer’s cruiser. They all spoke in hushed tones before the dog handler walked the Canine around Mr. Cumming’s truck. Naturally, the dog alerted, and as the feds stood in the background, the cops ransacked the truck, tossing Mr. Cummings’ belongings on the side of the road. They found a “WWG1WGA” sticker in his glove box and asked whether he was one of “those people.” The Austin police continued thrashing the vehicle and found seven 1 oz. gold bars in the center console. They showed the gold and the sticker to the feds, who nodded but said nothing.

The cops told Mr. Cummings that his truck, the rifle, and the gold would be seized until he proved in a court of law that he was not involved in the buying and selling of illicit drugs. His protestation fell on deaf ears; he said he had converted cash to gold because it was a “safe asset” and was bringing it to his daughter in Dallas, who needed the funds to close the sale on a new home. He was left standing on the highway, as a wrecker towed his vehicle. No narcotics were found. Nothing illegal was found.

“The FBI sees Trump as a great threat, and demoralizing his base is seen as an enormous success,” the FBI informant said. “Wray is behind it all, and he hates Trump so much that he’ll go after anyone he can get, that’s on Trump’s side. He’s obsessed with Trump. He’s a maniac.”

On February 22, 12 FBI agents, dressed in tactical gear and armed with automatic rifles, descended on a home of an elderly couple (a double wide trailer on 20 acres of land) who had hung “Dark Brandon” and “Trump/Lake 2024” banners, on their fence, encircling their Houston property. The FBI despots tore down the anti-Biden and pro-Trump flags before illegally trespassing, on the property, and shooting the homeowners’ dogs. They accused the elderly couple of flying drones over federal buildings, saying they had probable cause to enter the home without a warrant. The feds found and seized $63K in cash, the couple’s life savings, because the husband and wife couldn’t prove the money didn’t profit from drug sales.

The couple said they owned no drones and had no idea what the FBI was talking about, but that didn’t matter. They were told to fight in court but warned doing so might put them on “additional lists.”

Our JAG source said, “This is happening widely right now. If you support Trump, you have crosshairs on your back. Biden has sanctioned this. They’re going after anyone they can find. It’s hateful vengeance against anyone still supporting President Trump. We’re working to shut this shit down, but we can only be in so many places simultaneously.”

Guys, we are at war, domestically. Make no mistake. The white hats and Trump have accelerated their efforts, but if they don’t conclude this side show soon, their will be bloodshed.

Ukranian Pedophile killed in Maryland

On February 25th, a United States Marine scout-sniper shot and killed a Ukrainian diplomat, who had been in the U.S. since the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. This diplomat oversaw a child slavery ring that shipped kidnapped kids to Eastern Europe. This was verified by a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office.

The diplomat was identified as 47 yr old Ivan Kovalenko. Kovalenko came to the U.S. from Kyiv in March 2022. His move came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a Special Military Operation, in Ukraine, to hunt down foreign Biolabs and Western-run child trafficking syndicates on Ukrainian soil. Kovalenko held management positions at several textile companies before departing his home turf abruptly. Upon arriving in the U.S., he made a beeline for the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. and was employed by Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova.

My source said that the White Hats took an interest in Kovalenko after President Donald J. Trump mentioned him to Gen. Berger in July. Trump reportedly had irrefutable proof that Kovalenko was helming a child trafficking ring in which American children were abducted and sold to pedophiles in Ukraine, Hungary, and Belarus. He gave Gen. Berger the “greenlight” to terminate Kovalenko with extreme prejudice.

Isolating Kovalenko, however, was problematic; Marines assigned to surveil him in August reported that he seldom left the embassy and was surrounded by a throng of armed security when he did. Meanwhile, Gen. Berger learned that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had given Kovalenko the “foreign diplomat” title and granted him diplomatic immunity. Although such protection was meaningless to White Hats. It meant that local law enforcement sympathetic to the White Hat movement were unwilling to help keep tabs on Kovalenko, for fear of losing their jobs or worse.

Kovalenko’s reclusive nature and willingness to appear in public, only in the company of armed security, proved he was no ordinary businessman. He sequestered himself inside the embassy between September and November.

“We had the embassy watched 24/7, all exits covered. If he somehow got out and in undetected, he was a damn magician. It was like he knew he was being watched, or he was just paranoid. For obvious reasons, we wanted him alone, or at least not with a huge entourage, before making a move,” my source stated.

By January, White Hats had become increasingly frustrated that they hadn’t been able to eliminate Kovalenko, and General Eric Smith, who had just assumed authority over White Hat forces following Gen. Berger’s departure, devised a risky rouse to draw Kovalenko out of hiding. If successful, his idea would prove beyond doubt that Kovalenko was a child predator profiting from selling underage children to the highest bidders.

An undercover Marine contacted Kovalenko, saying he had 35 young boys and girls whom “his people” had abducted from National Parks. He said he had to offload them immediately but wanted a “fair and reasonable” price, for children fetching big bucks on the international market. Kovalenko’s greed consumed him, and he took the bait. Kovalenko offered $35K for blonde-haired children and $20K for auburn ones. The Marine laughed at the offer, demanding $85K per child because kids were selling for five times that amount on the Eastern European black market. A suspicious Kovalenko, though, asked for pictures of children, a demand that prompted Gen. Smith to ask Marines with young children to submit their photos for consideration. It was a gutsy and calculated move, for Gen. Smith thought Kovalenko wise enough to use Google image search to avoid entrapment. Fifty brave Marines agreed and sent tasteful photographs of their kids to the undercover Marine working to bring Kovalenko down.

Kovalenko agreed to the asking price but balked when the Marine said he didn’t deal with middle men and wanted to deal personally with Kovalenko to avoid being suckered or killed. The Marine texted him, saying the deal was “take it or leave it,” and that he and the children would be at the Port of Baltimore at 10:00 p.m. February 25.

Earlier that evening, Marine snipers took position on loading cranes and among the countless shipping containers littering the docks. Kovalenko’s limo pulled up at 10:15 pm. 3 armed guards accompanied Kovalenko and approached the undercover Marine. Kovalenko displayed a duffel bag full of cash as a round struck him center mass. His associates, too, were shot dead on the spot.

“It took a long time to get this Fu****, but better late than never,” my source said.

Are White Hats now sanctioning executions in place of tribunals?

“They weren’t American citizens. They got what they were entitled to,” he said.

Mar-a-lago Spies caught

As you all know, from watching the lame stream media, the persecution and witch hunt on Trump continues. The deep state just won’t quit. There is nothing on Trump because he did nothing wrong. Move on little children, enough is enough. If this was a member of the liberal party or demoncrats, they would be crying harassment and everything else under the sun. On February 18th, 2 men were caught eavesdropping on President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate by Delta Force.

Trump’s Delta protection detail spotted a “suspicious” van parked on South Ocean Blvd. The van was a Ford E Transit cargo van without license plates, with a parabolic microphone sticking out an open window, at 10:30 pm. They flanked the van, yanked open its doors, and hurled the driver and passenger to the pavement. The occupants claimed to be tourists from New Hampshire, on a road trip through Florida. They said they wanted to stop at Mar-a-Lago to see if it was as luxurious in reality as it appeared on television and in the pictures. Their story was very suspect for several reasons:

  • No license plates
  • No identification
  • Long-range dish microphone
  • 2 DJI Mavic 3 thermal drones in the truck

The suspects were unarmed and no weapons were found in the vehicle. Delta Force arrested the suspects on “suspicion of espionage” and brought them to a JAG office in south Florida.

“The Deep State usually isn’t so obvious, but we need to identify these guys, figure out who they are and who they work for,” my source stated.

The suspects are now in custody at Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, Guam, which officially opened on January 25, 2023, under White Hat control. They have been identified as Eric Scholz, a former FBI special agent who in 2017 resigned from the Bureau, following allegations he had planted child pornography on personal computers of Trump supporters, and Ira Hamutal, a former Mossad agent who holds dual United States-Israel citizenship.

“These are no mere tourists,” our source said. “They’re both former intelligence but not so good at their job. They didn’t ply their craft well by conspicuously parking their van in eyesight of a dozen security cameras they were idiots. Before getting shipped to Blaz, JAG tried to interrogate them in Florida, but they kept up with we’re just tourist crap, which made no sense. Someone hired these blundering idiots,” my source said.

Asked why JAG flew them to Guam instead of GITMO, he said, “It’s above my pay grade to know for sure, but I can tell you one thing: GITMO’s cells are RSVP. Blaz, as far as I know, is pretty much empty.”

Deep State spies and saboteurs caught red handed!

On February 12th, United States Marines gunned down criminal FBI agents trying to sabotage an electrical substation in Meridian, Idaho.

Over the last 3 months, at least 9 substations have been attacked in North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon, causing tens of thousands of people to go without power, sometimes for several days. Following those attacks, the FBI posted a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever carried out the twin attacks in Moore and Randolph Counties, N.C.

The feds implicated Trump supporters who oppose the LGBTQ community because the saboteurs struck cities hosting trans-friendly events. The irony behind this situation is that the FBI’s corrupt agents perpetrated the substation mishaps. According to my source, the FBI’s “5th Column,” a growing number of agents working against Merrick Garland and his abhorrent Department of Justice, told Gen. Smith’s office that rogue agents were planning to disable a “power station near Boise” during the Super Bowl, but the tipster didn’t know which substation would be struck. Boise is a city with 250,000 residents and its suburbs have numerous substations. Gen. Smith wanted to ensure it was a legitimate threat before acting upon this tip.

When the substation tip came in, Gen. Smith asked, “Boise? Why Boise?” The whistleblower couldn’t answer the question. He couldn’t say whether Merrick Garland or Director Christopher Wray authorized the attack, or name the field office from where the sinister agents would emerge.

“The agents fighting the regime’s takeover—we know they put themselves at risk. We still must be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing and traps,” our source said.

He added that Gen. Smith spent two days pondering a course of action: either disregard the tip or send a small expeditionary force to Idaho. The general decided on the latter because “If something went down and Marines weren’t there to try to thwart it, Gen. Smith wouldn’t forgive his inaction.”

By Super Bowl Sunday kickoff, a Marine reconnaissance platoon had already arrived in Idaho and had scouted five distribution substations within a 30-mile radius of downtown Boise. The platoon commander, unwilling to stretch his forces too thinly, divided the Marines into three 8-man teams, stationing them at substations with the least visible security(chain fences and such) and foliage the agents could use to avoid detection.

An hour into the game, the Eagles were beating Kansas City, but the Marines in Idaho saw no signs of FBI saboteurs. Right at halftime, an SUV sporting “Trump 2024” bumper stickers stopped beside the gate of the Columbia substation in Meridian. Four men, none of whom looked like feds, exited the truck and approached the locked gate. All wore MAGA gear and one carried bolt cutters and 2 had AR-15-style rifles slung across their shoulders.

The Marines challenged the quartet as it snapped the padlocked gate. The intruders were told to stand down and surrender. One of the men removed his rifle from his shoulder, rocked the charging handle, and aimed the gun toward the Marines’ direction. The Marines, armed with suppressor equipped M27 rifles, opened fire, killing the aggressors. Upon searching the bodies, the Marines found several magazines and a belt pouch of C4 explosives, though none of the dead men had wallets or identification. They ran a make on the SUV’s VIN and plates, which traced back to a laundromat in Wilmington, Delaware.

The dead men were fingerprinted, and White Hats matched two sets of prints to FBI agents, assigned to an FBI office in Spokane, Washington.

“We can’t interrogate the dead, but at least now we know the FBI is complicit in the substation attacks,” our source said. “What’s worse, we’ve given the proof to the MSM but they refuse to air it. These outlets include Fox, OANN, and Newsmax.”

More arrests and executions

I am so far behind I am just going to do 1 post on this. So sorry guys. Life keeps me busy. I am really trying to get better about updating you all. Let’s get into the nitty gritty before I move on to other topics.

So after good ole Nancy got her comeuppance, we have many many more. Directly after, on December 30th, the white hat military arrested Former FDA Commissioner Stephan Hahn. Two days after General Berger stepped down and Gen Smith took over, on Jan 3rd, JAG arrested Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams. Yes, he was employed under Trump, in case you wondering. The treachery of the deep state goes quite deep, hence the length of time this is taking to clean house.

On January 4th, the white hat military arrests the only living and remaining deep state cloning scientist, whose name has been withheld. On Jan 6th, they arrested Brian Deese, Director of the National Economic Council. You may be wondering who he is. He is the man responsible for our supply shortage, or shall I say planned shortage. It was sabotaged by the Fake Biden administration. By causing this shortage, he created the inflation we see at the supermarket. The next day, they arrested Dr. Michael Malanoski. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Defense Health agency. He was the primary man responsible for implementing the illegal mandate against our armed forces, which cause many unneccessary deaths.

Wasting no time, on January 13th, Hahn’s military Tribunal commenced. He was found guilty of treason and accessory to murder. This came after he admitted to deceiving President Trump regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID 19 vaccines, which we know are not either. They wasted no time in proceeding with his execution. On Monday, January 16th, Hahn was executed by hanging. Trump was present at this particular execution. Read the following excerpt from the record.

“Of all the people, Stephen, I trusted you,” Trump said. “I showed you a lot of trust, and you betrayed me. Not just me but this beautiful country. You’re a coward, the biggest kind of coward. Your lies killed a huge number of people.”

Hahn directed his last words at President Trump: “I made a mistake. You can stop this.”

Trump smirked. “This is outside my hands, and even if I could, I wouldn’t pardon you. You put yourself in big league trouble, tremendous trouble, and you’re a bigtime loser just like the others.”

Next was the arrest of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. Why did they arrest him? This is the man who STOLE the election from Trump. Yes, you read that correctly. This is the man responsible. The arrest took place on Friday, January 20th, the white hats were smart enough to wait for his announcement that he would be “stepping down”. On January 25th, Brian Deese was executed by hanging. He was executed 3 hours after his tribunal. When I said things were speeding up folks, I meant it. Our new general is not playing around.

On January 30th, Former Defense Secretary and Marine Corps General Jim Mattis was found guilty of Treason. His trial was held in absentia. It seems he fled the country for Ukraine. You can see the details here. On Friday, February 3rd, Ron Klain was convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to 20 years. 1 week later, JAG held Jerome Adams’ Tribunal. He was found guilty of treason. He was executed on February 13th, 3 days later. On Valentine’s day, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Global Head of Research & Development, Richard Tillyer was arrested. He is being charged with accessory to mass murder and negligent homicide. He is 1 of 4 Janssen scientists responsible for burying the early side effects reports of the Covid 19 vaccine.

On Thrusday, February 23rd, JAG arrested several members of the Covid 19 task force, both former and current members. They are charged with treason. Of those arrested was Carole Johnson. She was the Testing coordinator from Jan- Dec 2021, the public health lead, for 5 years, under Obama and the Commissioner of NJ Dept of Health. She is currently employed with HRSA (Health Resources & Services Administration). At the same time, Current Covid 19 Response Coordinator Ashish Kumar Jha was also arrested. Both of these individuals worked along side Rochelle Walensky at the CDC to try and get 2023 lockdowns implemented.

During the weekend, on Feb 25th & 26th, US Special forces arrested 2 senior members of the Gates Foundation. They arrested CEO Mark Suzman and CFO Carolyn Ainslie on charges of possession of child pornography, child endangerment and child sex trafficking. On March 3rd, Richard Tillyer had his Military Tribunal and was found guilty. He was executed by hanging on March 7th. On March 11th, US army Rangers arrested Operation Warp Speed (OWS) architect Moncef Slaoui. This is the man who spearheaded the deep state’s efforts to poison and kill 300 million Americans. This man worked for GlaxoSmithKline’s head of vaccine dept for over 30 years. He was working at Moderna when he was picked to helm OWS. So we can see his connection, obviously. He knew these shots caused myocarditis and the slew of all the other issues.

This is by far my favorite, of this list, at least one I have been hoping for. Last Wednesday, March 15th, JAG arrested none other than Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot! She is being charged with treason. Her “wife”, Amy Eshleman, is being detained on charges as an accessory to Lightfoot’s crimes. The reason wife is in quotations, is because there is no such thing as marriage between same sex. It is not a REAL thing and never will be. Marriage is between a man and woman.

We are now 100% up to date. I will try to do better at posting these as these happen. This is getting fast and furious, FINALLY. More to come. Stay vigilant. Invite and share the blog. We need to get the truth out to as many people as possible. If you can, please donate as well. These articles are usually very time consuming and take me hours and sometimes days to gather all of the information.

Also, if you read the derailment article… a resident 1.4 miles from the derailment found an undetonated blasting cap on his property. I told you it was intentional. I told you it was blown up and that was the only way the train would be like that. I wanted to make sure I gave you all the update on that.

Nancy Pelosi’s Execution

Just because of how amazing this little precursor to her execution was, I am sharing the goodbyes between her and her husband Paul. More like him dropping a bomb. It’s epically awesome and I have to share it.

Paul Pelosi, whom GITMO staff have called a model prisoner, was asked on Christmas Eve whether he had final words for his wife before she heads to gallows on Tuesday morning.

Just the mention of her name triggered an emotional eruption. His face reddened and tears streamed down his cheeks, happy tears, he explained. He said he hoped Nancy’s downfall would be catharsis by proxy, that her death would liberate him from all the years of suffering and anguish he’d endured at her hands. Her death, he added, would catapult him to freedom, for her living essence, even incarcerated, vexed him like an unscratchable itch.

Paul told staff he’d be delighted to pay final respects, conditionally. He asked that Nancy be gagged; otherwise, she’d launch into a verbal invective and he’d never get a word in. Nancy’s speech, once started, was like a barrel rolling down hill, bouncing and looping out of control. Oddly, staff complied. Paul’s good behavior and testimony against Nancy must have earned him a few favors. He also said he wanted his comments to Nancy “on the record,” for history’s sake.

A muscular Marine and an officer escorted Paul to a small, square room illuminated by fluorescent fixtures on the ceiling. Below, two empty office chairs were facing each other and spaced five feet apart. Paul took the seat farthest from the door an drew a deep breath as Nancy—handcuffed, kicking, and trying to scream through her muzzle—appeared in the doorway, her prison shoes slipping and sliding on the tiled floor. Behind her stood a Marine, his hands grasping and squeezing her upper arms as if she were an accordion. He cautioned her to calm down and behave while pushing her trembling body into the seat opposite Paul.

Anger flashed in Nancy’s eyes. Her complexion flushed. She stared at Paul like a creature possessed.

“Hello, Nancy,” Paul said calmly. “This was short notice, so I didn’t have time to make a list. I know Christina is not my biological daughter. Yes, she has some of my features, no, I didn’t do a test. A man knows these things. I kept quiet, but I want you to know, I knew all along. I hate you in ways I can’t even articulate and have words I won’t say in other company. For over 20 years you’ve treated me like an unwelcome house guest, or a cat to kick, but when I wanted to leave, you threatened to destroy me, or worse. Not because you loved me. You needed someone to bully. I may be in prison, but you’re going to die, and I won’t shed a tear for you. I’m happier here than I was with you—here, I have peace. No one bothers me. No incessant nagging. No bickering. No threats to my life. You’re the most vile, wicked woman on the earth. Hillary Clinton was Mother Theresa compared to you, you ungrateful, egocentric, megalomaniac. You’re a narcissistic, inconsiderate bitch, and a psychopath. Now I’m sober and see clearly. And now I, and the world, will be rid of you once and for all.”

Froth soaked Nancy’s gag and drizzled down the corners of her lips. The Marine laid his hands on her shoulders, stopping her from propelling from the seat.

“Merry Christmas, Nancy,” Paul said, his voice hollow and devoid of emotion. “My slate is clean.”

The Marines and the officer escorted Paul to his cell, and Nancy to hers.

President Donald J. Trump made sure to show up to this one! Can you blame him?

The embattled president arrived at GITMO aboard a U.S. Marine Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King helicopter and was escorted to the execution site. At the same time base staff pulled Pelosi from the 6×9 foot cell she’d been living in since December 1st. As reported previously, Pelosi was among a bevy of Deep Staters arrested after attending a taxpayer-funded, billion-dollar party honoring socialist Emmanuel Macron. Following a lengthy military tribunal, a JAG panel convicted Pelosi of treason and conspiracy to commit murder, sentencing her to hang by the neck until dead.

Camp Delta staff have called Pelosi an irascible prisoner, second only to the late Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, coincidentally, lived in the same cell ahead of her hanging in April 2021. Perhaps Hillary’s poltergeist inhabited the cell and haunted Pelosi, letting her know what awaited her, an afterlife of eternal damnation in limbo.

GITMO guards said a bellicose Pelosi spent her first week in confinement detoxing from alcohol withdrawal. Pelosi, they said, would sit shivering in a corner of her cell wrapped in a blanket, her mood shifting between melancholy and intemperate—sometimes catatonic, lost in her own thoughts, and sometimes untamable, screaming in fits of unbridled rage and even urinating on the cell floor.

But Pelosi couldn’t scream and shout when taken from her cage Tuesday morning, for the guards had spiked her final meal, waffles and two scoops of ice cream, with a sedative that left her conscious but subdued, our source said. Nonetheless, she was gagged and placed in arm and ankle restraints for her ride to gallows.

The sedative lasted only a short while—Pelosi was trying to free herself as Marines yanked her from an armored Hummer and walked her to the shallow flight of steps leading to the platform where a uniformed soldier awaited orders to flip the switch and a Navy Chaplain stood ready to give Last Rites.

And then Pelosi saw President Trump. Her eyes, our source said, narrowed, and she trembled in apoplectic fury, as the hangman fitted the noose around her bulging neck.

Beside Trump were Vice Adm. Crandall and a military cadre. Trump, our source said, whispered words into the admiral’s ear but was otherwise stoic and silent. Vice Adm. Crandall said he felt obligated to offer the condemned a final statement, and asked Pelosi whether she’d behave if he ordered that her gag be removed. He cautioned Pelosi that acrimonious outbursts would not alter her fate.

Nancy nodded, and the hangman momentarily removed her gag.

“F*** all of you, especially you. This is all your doing.” She was looking at President Trump. “I represent the real president. That’s not Joseph Biden and it sure as hell isn’t you. Kill me, and I’ll haunt you until your dying day.”

The admiral asked if she wanted Last Rites.

Nancy turned to the chaplain. “F*** you too.”

“I guess that’s a ‘no,’” the admiral said.

Finally President Trump spoke: “Good riddance, Nancy.”

Nancy Pelosi was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. EST, December 27, 2022. Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Nancy Pelosi tribunal

Knowing how loathed this woman is, I cannot skip over this. This will be long but worth every word you read.

Nancy Pelosi’s Tribunal took over thirteen hours, over a period of 2 days. Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall was at the helm. In an opening statement, the admiral said JAG and the Office of Military Commissions had copious evidence linking Pelosi to crimes dating back to 1987. For time’s sake, he said he would only focus on her most recent and egregious offenses. He stated that he will start with the 2016 murder for hire plot to assassinate then presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. He said JAG was aware of many nefarious schemes to end Trump’s life, all of which were bungled or foiled and that they had incontrovertible evidence tying Pelosi to four of them.   He said that he would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that, in 2018, she hatched a plot to kidnap Barron Trump, in order to force Donald Trump’s resignation. As she wanted Pence to be the new president. Pelosi had even considered having Melania or Ivanka murdered in hopes of forcing a tormented Trump from office.

Pelosi shared responsibility with the late Gavin Newsom in locking down California and enforcing draconian vaccine mandates that sickened or killed countless residents of the Golden State. Pelosi’s “Covid crimes,” he intoned, violated the Constitution of the United States; they affronted the very people she had sworn to serve. As people withered and died, from the vaccine, and families grieved, Pelosi continued to grow in wealth and power. When she wasn’t wielding an iron fist, she was clutching the bottle, Vice Adm. Crandall said. He informed the panel witness statements and Pelosi’s own documents would give credence to JAG’s allegations.

“This woman isn’t even vaccinated,” Vice Adm. Crandall said, pointing at Pelosi. “We know this because we pulled her blood, and we can test. She eschewed her own mandates. Why? Because she knew the vaccines were dangerous, and we’ll prove that.”

When offered a chance to give her own opening statement, Pelosi, appearing without counsel, pursed her lips and kept quiet. She was disheveled and seemed distraught, her shriveled, bony fingers visibly trembling as bloodshot eyes scanned the court.

Vice Admiral Crandall introduced his first witness, a 29 year old Latin male named Xavier Ramirez. After being sworn in, he described himself as Pelosi’s former gigolo and “boy toy.” He testified that he had regularly “entertained” Pelosi between April and July of 2016, usually at upscale hotels in the San Francisco area. Mr. Ramirez said he hadn’t documented each meeting, but guessed he saw Pelosi at least 15 times.

“I hope you were paid well, Mr. Ramirez,” Vice Adm. Crandall quipped.

“Very well,” the witness replied.

“I’ve never seen this man before in my life,” Pelosi shouted at the top of her lungs, her voice gravelly and hoarse. The admiral reprimanded her outburst, saying she could either exercise decorum or be physically restrained.

“Mr. Ramirez, when we first spoke, you mentioned a specific meeting on a certain date. If you would, would you please repeat what you said, to the best of your recollection,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“It was July 21, 2016. Nancy was in a bad way because Mr. Donald Trump just accepted the Republican nomination. Trump this, Trump that was all she talked about. She paid me, so I listened. She was drinking, of course. Nancy likes to drink. She is a big drinker, a habitual drinker, to say it in a nice way. So, the more she drinks, the more she talks—”

“—While we appreciate your colorful tale, could you please be briefer, come to the point,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“The point, yes; she said she wanted to kill Donald Trump,” the witness said.

“Kill or have killed?”

“Well, have killed; she certainly wasn’t doing it herself. Nancy asked me do I know someone, because I am Cuban, I must know someone, she told me. And there I am thinking to myself why I should know a hitman just because I’m Cuban. I thought maybe she joked and asked if she was kidding, but, no, Nancy was dead serious. She offered me $25k cash in advance to find someone. Nancy said if I did, and it got done, I’d get $225K more and the person who kill Trump get $250K. Then she laughs and says to me if Trump has too much protection, she can do the daughter—you know, tall, pretty blonde, Ivanka.”

Vice Admiral asked if Mr. Ramirez had seen or handled the $25,000.

“I saw it come out of her purse. Banded stacks $1000 each. I saw it, I touched it, but I did not take. I told her, ‘You’re Nancy Pelosi, you must have powerful friends. I want nothing to do with this,’ and she tells me, and this I remember very well, ‘This time it has to be an outside party.’ I tell her flatly that’s not why I am here,” Mr. Ramirez explained.

“And I assume, Mr. Ramirez, the ‘services’ you performed for the defendant didn’t cost 25 grand,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Mr. Ramirez laughed. “No, I wish, but much less, and she paid me in advance.”

“Did you bring your concerns to the Secret Service, to the police?”

“Are you crazy? No. If she could kill Trump, I could get killed like a fly on the wall. When I left, it was last time I saw her,” Mr. Ramirez said.

“Yet the defendant claims she’s never seen you before today. But we know that’s untrue,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

He projected onto a large screen television digital images he had obtained from the witness. One clearly showed Pelosi and Mr. Ramirez hugging in a hotel room; another showed them standing side-by-side, smiling at a camera. “These are ‘selfies’ you took in the defendant’s company, is that correct?”

“That’s correct,” Mr. Ramirez said.

“Why did you take them?”

“Bragging rights.”

Vice Adm. Crandall snorted. “I really don’t think that’s something to brag about, Mr. Ramirez. You’re excused.”

The admiral addressed the panel: “This alone is solicitation for murder, which in traditional courts carries up to a 20-year sentence. In this case, we’re talking about a presidential candidate. And we’re by no means done.”

After Mr. Ramirez left the witness box, Vice Adm. Crandall produced a second witness via a Zoom call, a Hispanic female who said her name was Elsa Fuentes and told the court she had been Pelosi’s unpaid intern between January-March 2018. Her appearance on video seemed to unnerve Pelosi, whose eyes narrowed contemptuously while gazing at the woman’s face on the screen. The admiral asked Ms. Fuentes a few routine questions: How did you become interested in politics? what were your routine duties? Did you enjoy the work? Was the environment pleasant? Did you enjoy Nancy’s company?

“I hated the bitch by day 2. My duties? Arranging her calendar, setting up appointments, cancelling appointments, fetching coffee and cappuccino, cleaning her office, taking her clothes to the dry cleaners, picking up her clothes from the dry cleaners, making her hair appointments, running to the liquor store for her twice a week…” Ms. Fuentes said.

“You sound a bit bitter,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “Is it safe to say bitterness won’t affect your testimony?”

“Just cause she’s a bitch don’t mean I’d lie,” Ms. Fuentes said. “If I’m angry, was angry, it’s cause I knew interns for other Reps weren’t doing the sh—stuff I had to do. And most Reps paid interns, but Nancy didn’t. Hi, there, Nancy, good to see you’re finally where you belong,” she went on, suddenly smiling as she vigorously waved at the defendant.

Vice Adm. Crandall asked her to not address or incite the defendant. Meanwhile, Nancy sat still as a puddle of stagnant water.

“Let me pull your attention back to what you told me when you gave a sworn deposition, Ms. Fuentes. The day–March 10, 2018. You were in Nancy Pelosi’s offices then, is that correct?” asked the admiral.

“I was,” Ms. Fuentes answered without hesitation. “I remember cause Nancy kept me late doing spreadsheets and transcriptions, and other reasons.”

“And Nancy was present?”

“She was in her office and I was in what we called the side office. More like a large closet than an office, where secretaries or interns sit. A door connects the two, and it wasn’t really ever locked or closed all the way. I think Nancy probably wanted to eavesdrop, you understand, in case we were talking about her,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Let’s refrain from speculation please, Ms. Fuentes.”

“Sorry, sir. Anyway, I overheard her on the phone talking to someone—no idea who it was—about killing President Trump. She was saying she didn’t care how much money it took. She wanted him dead. Nancy was spitting out large figures—like millions,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Was there anyone in the offices besides you and the defendant?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Just us two. She was talking on a burner phone. Nancy didn’t conduct unofficial business on her office phone. She had a drawer full of burners,” Ms. Fuentes said.

“Let the record reflect that by burners the witness means, generally speaking, inexpensive, expendable, untraceable cellular phones paid for with cash. Do you recognize this?” asked the admiral, as he pulled from a cardboard box a plastic evidence bag holding the upper and lower halves of a prepaid phone someone had snapped in two.

“Of course, I do. I gave it to you,” Ms. Fuentes replied.

“How did you come to obtain this phone?” the admiral queried.

“Took it from her trash bin before I left that night. She’d left first,” Ms. Fuentes said flatly.

“Pretty bold of you and foolish of her, to just drop it in a wastebasket. Weren’t you worried she’d find out?”

Ms. Fuentes said Nancy that day had consumed a half-bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and was inebriated beyond comprehension when she stumbled out of the office at 8:30 p.m. Moreover, she said she’d covered her tracks: She proudly boasted how she had taken an identical, unopened burner phone from Pelosi’s drawer, broke it in a way the closely mimicked how Nancy had snapped the original, and laid it in the trash.

“When I got to the office next day, the trash had been emptied. Not a word was ever said,” she said.

“And you held onto it for what, almost five years now?” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Ms. Fuentes nodded. “I wasn’t gonna hand it off to just anyone. Then I might have, you know, disappeared.

“Ms. Fuentes, I don’t think that’s anything to worry about anymore. You’re excused.”

The admiral told the panel that despite Pelosi’s pedestrian attempt to render the phone useless—she hadn’t even removed the sim card—from it JAG had extracted call logs and dozens of incriminating text messages that described not only assassinating President Trump but also her plan to “kidnap or get rid of” Trump’s then-12-year-old son Barron. Part of a message read, “ASAP. Take Barron and Trump won’t function. He’ll have to leave, and then I’ll have Pence. Wiring now to what’s been discussed.”

Another message: “Or Ivanka. Make her less pretty.”

“Of course her messages were sent to another burner phone—disconnected, but—” Vice Admiral Crandall began.

Nancy stood. She spoke. She said she was innocent. Innocent with an explanation. “It’s no secret I dislike Donald Trump. This is all fantasy—my fantasy, and fantasy is no crime. It was role play. Nothing more,” she hissed.

“We have your bank records. You wired $375K to an account in Zurich minutes after you sent that text. Ben Folds—a fake name, I’m sure. That’s a hefty sum to spend on role play, for someone who wouldn’t even pay her interns a dime,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“Your so-called witnesses are compromised, corrupt. I won’t stand for this.”

“Then please take your seat, or we’ll put you in it,” the admiral snapped as two Marines flanked Pelosi. “By the way, I think you got ripped off.”

“I’m sure you won’t like our next witness either,” the admiral continued.

He called to the stand a cooperating witness–Nancy’s estranged husband, Paul Pelosi.

“What is this, a trick? We’re still married. He can’t be made to testify against me,” Nancy spat as Vice Admiral Crandall invited Paul Pelosi to the witness stand.

“No one’s forcing him to do anything,” Vice Adm. Crandall replied. “He’s speaking voluntarily, and his testimony will be heard.”

Paul Pelosi had a story to tell.

Although Nancy and he had married in 1963, they hadn’t been truly betrothed since 2007, when she for the first time ascended to Speaker of the House and developed an unquenchable thirst for undiluted power. Paul wove a tragic tale. As Nancy’s influence surged, her affection for him waned, as did his for her—years afterward. Paul defined their post-2007 marriage as pragmatic, to give the world the illusion that the couple, despite personal ambitions, had a stable, civil household. But that fantasy life, Paul said, was an elaborate misdirection.

It was clear that Vice Adm. Crandall was giving Paul Pelosi the necessary latitude to paint an unflattering portrait of Nancy.

The longer Nancy served, the nastier she got, Paul said, and she quickly and rightfully became known as a congressional bitch. Paul became her personal pinata. On bad days—when someone either challenged her authority or disagreed with a political viewpoint—she drank heavily and browbeat Paul until he embraced alcohol as a coping mechanism, to endure and survive her daily verbal onslaught. Nancy, a consummate alcoholic, disdained Paul’s drinking, and frequently accused him of being a drunk while she herself was intoxicated beyond all reasonable comprehension. Paul said he had on several occasions threatened to leave her.

“When I did, Admiral Crandall, she said she’d ruin me,” Paul Pelosi said. “I was a punching bag she could torment. She needed someone close to her to torment—it was her nature.”

He went on to say he felt momentarily relieved in 2010 when Republicans won the House and John Boehner supplanted her as Speaker.

“I made the mistake of thinking having fewer responsibilities might temper her attitude,” Paul Pelosi said. “That she’d have less stress. I was so wrong. She just got meaner, and I bore the brunt of her anger. You must understand that she thrives on conflict, and will create it when there is none around. She hates almost everyone—if she perceives you a threat or competition, she’ll devote her life to unravelling yours like a ball of yarn. And she’ll keep pulling those threads until a bigger threat comes along. You know what she hates most? That there are women younger and prettier than she is in Congress. I went through years of hell, forced to sleep on the couch, which really got to be a blessing, being told to eat frozen dinners while she feasted on the most expensive meals money can buy and bought lavish gifts for lovers—and there were quite a few. So, 2018 rolls around and once again she’s made Speaker.”

Paul Pelosi was silent a moment, and then his face went grave.

“After it became very clear Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, she says to me very matter-of-factly, ‘If I can’t kill Trump, you’ll have to do.’”

Paul Pelosi described that as his “oh, shit!” moment, for he feared that his wife could and would make good on the threat. Nancy, he said, had an unhealthy obsession for Trump from the start. Her every spoken word invoked his name, and her every spoken sentence was laden with colorful adjectives describing how she felt about Trump, the Trump family, and the Trump empire. When Trump appeared on television, or at a rally, Nancy went berserk, retreating into the bottle and berating and threatening Paul until he, in a moment of clarity, realized he had to protect himself from Nancy’s unending wrath. He began to surreptitiously record phone conversations between his wife and parties unknown—discussing Trump’s demise. He copied incriminating data from Nancy’s computers to SD cards, which he then buried in places Nancy would never find them. He had hired a private investigator to shadow Nancy’s movements. The investigator had tailed her to countless meetings with her lovers and to shadowy spots in San Francisco and the Washington area where she handed off envelopes of cash to suspicious-looking persons, ostensibly hit men or their representatives.

Vice Admiral Crandall played audio of Nancy Pelosi screaming on the telephone: “I paid you in advance three million dollars to put a damn bomb on Trump’s plane. When are you going to do it?” Her speech was slurred, as if drunk. “Or give me my damn money back.”

According to Paul, the conversation took place on May 17, 2017, three days before President Trump travelled aboard Air Force One to the Middle East. When furious Nancy hung up the phone, she cucked Paul by divulging tales of her trysts with various lovers, who took care of her in ways Paul never could.

“It’s absurd to think even the most competent assassin could sabotage the president’s plane,” Vice Admiral Crandall said. “We could not identify whom she spoke to, but, thanks to Mr. Pelosi, we have proof in the form of financial transactions that she wired $3m to a bank account in the Cayman Islands five days before the call.”

He showed the panel Nancy’s bank statements.

“Mr. Pelosi, why didn’t you bring any of this to the Secret Service?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

“Because it’s rife with corruption, and it’s likely they would have disappeared me. The Secret Service is Deep State,” Paul Pelosi replied.

“Like your wife?”

“Yes, like Nancy,” Paul Pelosi said.

“Mr. Pelosi told us how to procure his evidence after his own trial,” Vice Adm. Crandall told the panel. “He could have shared it sooner, before his trial, and used it as a bargaining chip. But he didn’t. Mr. Pelosi, why didn’t you?”

“The truth of it is, I felt safer here than out there. Here I’m protected, while she was free parading around with actor Sam Waterston wearing makeup to look like me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Pelosi. Your cooperation in this matter will be taken into consideration. As for the defendant, It’s JAG’s opinion that we’ve proven beyond reasonable doubt that Nancy Pelosi committed treason and conspiracy to commit murder against President Donald J. Trump. It matters not if a bomb was ever planted. It is our recommendation that the defendant be hanged for her crimes,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The panel unanimously agreed, and Vice Adm. Crandall set an execution date for December 27.

Due to the length of this, all Covid evidence has been omitted. Paul had documents and digital data proving that Nancy had accepted nearly $63m from the Treasury Department in exchange for supporting mask and vaccine mandates, and pushing lockdowns.

Explosions, derailments and crashes, oh my!

What in the ever loving world is going on?! By now, everyone knows of the Ohio derailment. Do you know of the others? None of this is a coincidence, none of it. All within a 2 week time frame. This has never happened in our history ever. It is clear to me that this is all planned by the deep state. They are so desperate that we are now at war! Do not for a moment think these are NOT related. Another strange thing, is that they waited 10 days to show any footage of it or talk about it. It screams cover up!

I have shared just a few of the news stories and reactions. Videos will be below that. Keep in mind this is all within a 2 week time frame.

Here is a chemical truck crash in PA. Here is another one in Tuscon. It is the same color, same chemical. As soon as I get the information on the chemical, I can update this. This is in addition to the one in AZ and the one in Tx. Factory fire in St Pete, FL. You can clearly see it as they drive by it. Doral, FL factory fire, Medley, FL. and Kissimmee. Detroit, MI train derailment. Texas train derailment. Bedford, OH Fire. Nebraska fire. This ALL happened within 2 weeks and after the East Palestine train derailment. There is NO SUCH THING as a coincidence.

This video shows chemical train cars just sitting on the tracks in CA, in farm country, close to an aqueduct. Are they waiting for something to blow it up and then say it was a “derailment”? Nothing about any of this sits well with me and it all happened way to close together. Most of these are conservative towns. DO you see the pattern?

This is the still of the derailment. This makes no sense. The track is in good order. The way the train cars fell, all so close together and the way they did, proves it was intentional. Another question, why in the heck did this train have vinyl chloride, which has been banned since the 70s? Curioser and curioser….stay tuned my friends. There is a lot more to come.

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Welcome to the clown show!

I am sure you have all seen this insane news coverage on UFO’s and the UFO task force. All i can say is what in the holy hell??? First they find a white balloon with some kind of solar panels hanging and they are just like, it’s no big deal. Then they say China did it. China is denying it vehemently. Then all of a sudden there are 3 more flying objects shot down. There is a lot of hinky stuff going on and this one is the most obvious.

The White Hats are telling a completely different story, which I tend to believe, as it is way more likely. The “Deep State spy”spy balloon” was downed over billings, Montana. This has been substantiated by 50 witnesses, who saw debris plummeting from the sky. The balloon did not belong to the Chinese. When they found the debris, everything was in English. It was clearly the deep state’s. Several days later, Justin Trudeau claims he that he ordered a U.S. F-22 Raptor to engage a cylindrical object over the Canadian Yukon. First of all, he has no power over our airforce or any form of our military. This clearly sounds fabricated. Even worse, the media is not calling him out on his blatant lies.

The next day, John Kirby announced the destruction of yet another mysterious object, this time above Lake Huron. Then of course, there is the one over Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. My sources have confirmed it was a PR stunt. They shot down a USAF BQM-167A aerial target plane, a high-performance, remotely controlled target used to provide a threat-representative target drone to support the Air-to-Air Weapon System Evaluation Program and other Air Force and Department of Defense air-to-air test and evaluation programs. It is 20-feet-long, can reach speeds of 600 knots, perform 9g turns, and reach 50,000’ in altitude. The drone is land-launched using a rocket aided take off and launched from a rail system. The drone can be recovered by a parachute recovery system either from land or water. Its maximum range is 1,400 nautical miles.

General Smith’s office began investigating the incident almost immediatel,y after the fake government made it a matter of public record, because Biden’s cronies had been deceptive about using aerial surveillance to illegally spy on patriotic Americans. Moreover, Gen. Smith found it odd that a second shootdown occurred so soon after Biden was broadly criticized for delaying the destruction of whatever they downed near South Carolina.

“It undoubtedly irked Biden, or his double, that he got blasted for letting a balloon soar the American skies undeterred. When word of the Alaska object broke, well, it was suspicious, and our suspicions were that his handlers manufactured an event to make him appear more decisive, more presidential,” a source inside Smith’s office said.

That day, liaisons for Gen. Smith made inquires to USNORTHCOM at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, AK., where the F-22 took off in pursuit of the bogey. The general’s contacts tried to coax details from senior officers of the 90th Fighter Squadron, which operates Elmendorf’s F-22s, but they refused to speak on the incident, citing operational security. Likewise, the general’s men were denied access to the pilot who had supposedly fired an AIM9X Sidewinder missile at the intruder.

“The ordeal was shrouded in secrecy,” our source said. “Naturally, it’s imperative for a functional military to not publicly disclose sensitive material, but we’re talking about senior officers talking to other senior officers. There was something shady happening there. The fact that the pilot was sequestered to secrecy was just one more puzzle piece,” our source said.

On Friday February 10th, a two-star Air Force General contacted Gen. Smith’s office with a story more plausible than an F-22 engaging a second Chinese spy device or a ship piloted by the Greys. He told Smith’s office that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had ordered the 90th Fighter Squadron commander Lt. Col. Ryan Reese to launch a BQM-167A drone and use F-22s to tail it to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, a remote tundra devoid of cameras or prying eyes.

The Air Force general gave Gen. Smith time stamped footage of the BQM-167A and F-22 launches.“This was planned. The drone went up, and the fighters lifted off the runway, right after that. They followed it and shot it down on Lloyd Austin’s orders. It looks like a PR stunt,” our source said. “The administration said it was a hovering object, it wasn’t. They can make up whatever they want since there’s no life out there. If they ever show debris, or cockpit video, I’m sure it’ll be doctored,” our source said.

In a follow up, Monday evening, after the creation of a “UFO Task Force,” the White hats said the following: “Bloat. Deception. Taxpayer dollars wasted.” Which I think we can all agree on. What a load of crazy. What world and planet are we living on??? They are so obvious about their charade now. It is absolutely insane. So yes, welcome to the clown show.

Deep State Cloning labs discovered!

I knew there was some kind of cloning technology, however, I did not realize they were using it to clone certain people. This is beyond disturbing. The first lab was discovered and destroyed on Tuesday December 20th, 2022. This lab was in the Missouri Ozarks in the middle of a limestone cavern. According to our source, General Berger conferred with 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindeman, after receiving a tip from an intelligence source claiming to have GPS coordinates to a colossal cloning lab near Stanton, Missouri. It was the fourth such tip that Gen. Berger had heard of in 2022, all of which originated from independent, unrelated persons who work or had worked in the intelligence community. General Berger had dismissed the earlier tips as rubbish because they didn’t include coordinates and because most intelligence operatives, retired or not, are cojoined to the Deep State. He felt investigating unsubstantiated tips would be a waste of manpower and resources, and a possible trap. Moreover, the general had a tough time believing such technology existed; when rumors of clones surfaced now and then, he considered them science fiction, once having said cloning tech could not possibly exist without his knowing about it.

Berger and lindeman sent two 12-man Alpha Detachments, one to establish a mobile command center, the other to find the alleged target, along with appropriate firepower and demolitions. Two UH-60s fitted with long-range fuel tanks and flown by pilots of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment—the Nightstalkers—carried Special Forces from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to a remote quarry southwest of Miramiguoa State Park, home to Missouri’s vast labyrinth of limestone caves.

With the command post established and manned, one detachment set out on foot, traversing the craggy terrain. They stealthily maneuvered among the rocky outcrops, stopping within 500 meters of the GPS coordinates. They saw no opposition and no cave entrance, just an elevated limestone ledge supported by pillars of rock. Beneath the ledge, though, one Special Forces operator heard what he took to be a “humming” noise emanating from inside the rock wall. When he touched a section of the wall, his hand passed through it as if it weren’t there. A holographic projection concealed an opening large enough to fit an SUV. Locked and loaded, the detachment walked through the projection and found themselves standing in a tunnel that descended 100’ to the earth below. The tunnel had been bored smooth, as if by a laser. One operator would later call it polished stone. They found the source of the hologram: a square device about the size and shape of an old Kodak slide projector hung from the ceiling, its lens aimed at the caves mouth. A single wire ran through a hole someone had drilled in the ceiling.

The tunnel opened into a massive cavern that also had been bored smooth, but the floor was metal that fit perfectly to the cavern’s dimensions, as if someone had poured molten steel. Behind banks of operating computer terminals, they saw 36 maturation chambers, 7’ tall cylindrical tubes filled with a translucent liquid. Suspended in the liquid was what can be described only as clones of prominent Deep State personalities in various stages of development. Affixed to each tube were stickers noting the subject’s name, date of inception, and maturation date. Twelve, of the 36 tubes, held clones. They were suspended motionless. One was a carbon copy of what Hillary Clinton looked like in her mid-thirties. Another was a prepubescent Chuck Schumer. A third held a 20-something Gavin Newsom. And a fourth held a fully matured replica of Joseph Biden. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was also there, as were two clones of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Special Forces noted that the entire floor hummed and vibrated beneath their feet. Since they saw no visible power source, they assumed whatever powered the ungodly facility was subterranean and causing the floor to oscillate. After recovering from this disturbing discovery, they collected the evidence; the holographic projector and three laptops. The unit then rigged the cavern with C4 in very strategic places, to ensure that this place came down and nobody could ever get inside. They smashed and shot the plexiglass cylinders. The clones slumped to the floor, surrounded by puddles of viscous liquid. They took 1 Fauci clone and a Biden clone, as they did not have enough room for all of them. They exited the cavern, retreated to a safe distance, then remotely blew the cavern. It collapsed in on itself, the entrance sealed by gigantic pieces of broken rock. The detachments disassembled the command center, boarded the choppers, and headed back to Ft. Campbell just as the morning sun peeked above the horizon.

On Thursday, Jan 20th, the special forces of the white hats, seized a cloning laboratory near Fort Yukon, Alaska. This one held dozens of Deep State clones, like the last one. For those who aren’t familiar with Alaska, Fort Yukon is located on the north bank of the Yukon River, north of the Arctic circle. It has severe winters and mild summers. Its inhabitants, 583, are Gwich’in natives who live in log buildings. Fort Yukon is disconnected from the Alaska roadways and is accessible only by air; the city’s airfield has only a gravel runway that is unable to handle the large aircrafts needed to transport construction materials for something as grand as a cloning laboratory. The laboratory was located 25 miles north of Fort Yukon.

 Gen. Smith had aerial surveillance footage of a rectangular, steel building nestled amid clusters of white spruce. Around the building were several snow mobiles and a large snowplow. Beside the building, were concrete pads sizable enough to land a big helicopter, and whoever controlled the facility had recently plowed fresh snow from the helipads. The drone had watched the building like a vulture circling carrion. Dual-rotary helicopters like the Ch-57 Chinook, which can lift 20,000lbs, could have ferried equipment between Fairbanks and the lab.

After conferring with the 19th Special Forces Group commander, Gen. Smith picked this unit to complete the mission. They have experience with these conditions as they underwent Arctic warfare training during Operation Arctic Fox in May 2022. He sent a small group of them to gather intelligence to supplement the aerial recon. They went posing as National Geographic photographers studying the Aurora Borealis with a Gwich’in translator to Fort Yukon.

They hired the Gwich’in guide under the pretense of needing a local to point out spots to photograph the Northern Lights. The guide chuckled, cautioning them to either sleep in their heated  plane or get their affairs in order, for the ice had claimed many intrepid adventurers. They asked whether Fort Yukon received many non-native visitors, and the guide said outsiders had been coming for as long as he’d been alive, 57 years. He was able to penetrate the Special Forces cover story, deducing they had an ulterior motive for coming to Fort Yukon, even though they carried bags laden with cameras, lenses, and tripods. “You’re here about them; I hope you are not with them,” the guide said, pointing north into a sudden squall of blinding snow.

The Special Forces lead assured the guide that neither he nor his men had knowledge of “them,” but he pressed the guide for more information. Their sherpa said he would introduce them to a Fort Yukon elder, who would decide if they were worthy of hearing lore. When the Special Forces lead asked what determined worthiness, the guide said, “He will look at you and know. That and it’s customary to bring a gift. Information itself is a gift. Since you’re not carrying whale meat, I’m sure a few hundred dollars will do. I am guessing you didn’t travel here without cash.”

He introduced Special Forces to Fort Yukon’s oldest living resident, an 89-year-old man named Tom, whose home was little more than a 16X20’ pitched-roof built of logs and tar and heated by a wood stove with a single cooking plate. The guide began to translate, but Tom encouraged him to speak English. “These men don’t speak our language but we speak theirs,” Tom said, and lamented that fewer than 300 Alaskan Gwich’in spoke their native tongue anymore. Tom entrusted Special Forces with the city’s folklore. In the summer of 2013, an unusually warm season, swarms of helicopters, sometimes as thick as a cloud of mosquitoes, appeared in the skies north of Fort Yukon. Tow cables hanging from their fuselage held concrete and steel walls, I-beams, and enormous wooden crates. They came and went night and day, only pausing in the heaviest rains, and men from the helicopters desecrated the forest by felling sacred trees that had stood for hundreds of years. The flights stopped when the snow began to fall, but the choppers returned the following spring. Tom said the Gwich’in dared not venture to the area, as it was deemed a den of evil. He recalled hearing cacophonous roars, as if the earth were split asunder. After two springs and two summers, the flights became less frequent, but on some nights the sky glowed blue, not from the Aurora Borealis.

He then continued. In the spring of 2017, just after the first thaw, a man who looked like and claimed to be President William Jefferson Clinton emerged from the woods on an ATV. He insisted he was Bill Clinton but had no idea where he was. He said he’d escaped imprisonment and had to notify both his wife and Al Gore that he was alive. The Gwich’in people believed an evil, shapeshifting spirit had haunted Fort Yukon. In 2017, Clinton was 71, with a pitted face and skin like worn leather; the Clinton in Fort Yukon, though, had the visage of a significantly younger man, as he looked during his presidency in the 90s. The Fort Yukon Clinton demanded an immediate flight to D.C. but was told the next scheduled supply drop, which could bring him to Fairbanks, wouldn’t arrive for two days. Tom told Special Forces Clinton got back on the ATV and headed east toward the Northwest Territories.

“If it was a man, he could not survive. If spirit, it’s somewhere else,” he said. Special Forces flew back to Fairbanks to relay their findings to Gen. Smith at Camp Pendleton. The general found the revelations too disquieting to ignore. If the story was true, it meant a Clinton clone had escaped from a cloning lab and that cloning technology had existed for quite some time.

On Thursday, the two 12-man Special Forces detachments arrived at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, from where they were flown on Blackhawks to a landing zone a few kilometers east of the alleged cloning lab. Burdened by heavy rucksacks, and donned in Arctic gear, they trudged the distance until reaching a vantage point that gave them an unhindered view of a 200X160’ windowless building surrounded by a chain fence and a half dozen sentries armed with automatic rifles. Dressed in black amid a white backdrop, the sentinels made easy targets; Special Forces snipers shot them center mass or made their heads explode in a pink mist. With the sentries dispatched, they cut through the fence and breached the entrances with explosives, hurling flash bang grenades inside to stun any occupants within. They shot a half dozen people in white lab coats and another five armed sentries.

Although the cylinders housed no Clinton clones, they did contain clones of several Deep Staters who had only recently risen to prominence: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar and, Cori Bush. Other maturation chambers held facsimiles of Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. Republicans hadn’t been excluded: a section of the building had clones of William Barr, General Michael Flynn, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, and Mitch McConnell. “We have control of it and are examining the technology,” our source said. “Needless to say, there are probably more of these places in the country and maybe abroad. I won’t lie, we have our work cut out. They (the deep state) have been at this for a damn long time.”

I will continue to update in regards to this, as these labs are found and either captured or destroyed.