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Dick Cheney Tribunal- Guilty!

The much awaited tribunal of Dick Cheney happened and it justice was swift. Mind you they already knew he was guilty from George W’s Tribunal. Here are the details: Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps stated in his opening statement that Cheney and the late George W. Bush […]

Covid is dead in the UK

Now if you are like me, you know this came out of left field. Let me tell you why this happened. The narrative is completely falling apart. They have discovered that the vaccinated are dying far faster than the unvaxxed. Let’s take a look at some numbers. Here is another video– 70% of the people […]

Mysterious construction at the WH

Nobody is reporting this, which is irking me to no end. There are concrete and wood barriers being placed around the entire front lawn of the White House. They are using the lame excuse of working on the fountain, um no, try again. See for yourself. Within one day it went from the above picture […]

Empty hospitals

When I went to our hospital here in Maine, it was empty. There was 1 patient and they were double vaxxed and puking their guts out. I went cause I threw my back out. Here is a video and some pictures that were emailed directly to one of my sources. This is the Garnett Health […]

The Surgeon General is CGI

I am sure you are reading the title and are like, say what?! We have known, plus I have been saying to you for quite some time now, that you will see doppleganger’s in masks or complete CGI for many people in DC. Now it has been proven by our military. So what does CGI […]

Face masks- neither safe nor effective

Everyone keeps touting to trust the science. Well the science tells us to do the opposite of what Fauci and the govt are telling us too. You cannot wear a mask on your face, for long periods of time, with no side effects. The opposite is true. Not only are you killing your immune system […]

Major resignations and retirements in Congress

65 members of congress, as of this month, have announced either retirement or have resigned. This NEVER happens, no matter what. This is something that is going on in the public eye that they are using to explain the mass disappearances of members in congress. This means they are in custody and either signing like […]

George W Bush has been executed!

My sources have verified that as of 2 days ago, GW Bush was executed at GITMO. There was no fanfare and he basically went out foul, just like the others. There was a promise of more Bush Justice coming our way. My best guess is that Jeb will be the next apprehended. I have no […]

Famous Covid Vaxx deaths *Update*

Let us start with the most recent one, Betty White. She died 3 days after the booster shot. Her own agent even confirmed that she had a booster 3 days prior and to immediately fit the narrative, said that isn’t why. You would not say that she did have a booster and follow it with […]

List of the 91 senators guilty of treason!

On Jan 6th last year, the greatest crime of our lifetime occurred. Congress and VP Pence ignored the voting fraud and voted to confirm the illegitimate election and false results for Fake Biden. I don’t know why and I do not care. Below you will find the list. I have seen it several times, that […]


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