Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son

Yep you read this correctly. It is no wonder he stands alone in Canada, as the only one who wants to be a dictator in power with control. I really think he gets off of it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Let’s take a look at some side by side pics.

The Trudeau’s were huge fans of Castro. According to John English’s “Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1968–2000,” the Cuban leader charmed them both and made a number of trips to the Caribbean island, just to see Castro, during an era when Cuba was embargoed by much of the free world (because Castro was a tyrant who murdered or jailed his enemies).

In 2000, Castro also made a rare trip out of his country to go to Pierre’s funeral in Canada. During the trip, Margaret welcomed him at his hotel, on behalf of the Trudeau family. When Castro died, Justin Trudeau was the only Western leader to give him an extremely positive eulogy and never addressed his murderous ways. The Trudeau’s were notorious and well known swingers. Castro was also sexually promiscuous.

Even Tucker Carlson did a segment on this and how Trudeau is most definitely Castro’s bastard son. Margaret Trudeau was a partier, she even admitted it. She slept around. She admitted to sleeping with Ted Kennedy and Charlie Watts. This was in Maclean‘s. One of Castro’s sons even write about it in a suicide note.

The proof goes on and on, but honestly the pictures put the nail in the coffin. Like father like son.