Depopulation by Vaccination- Human Rights Violation

I have been following this from the get go. I have been correct from the start. Now I am seeing even more stuff to back what I said up but it is faaar worse than even I imagined. So many people just do whatever they are told. They have no idea what their rights are. More and more people are starting to wake up, but should have never been asleep because now times are just plain scary. Let’s take this vaccine mandate. It is 100% ILLEGAL. You cannot be mandated by the govt or anyone else to take something. They can threaten whatever they want, but it is you who has2 to remind them of the simple fact that if you take it and have adverse side effects, it will be them that will be held responsible. There is NO proof that COVID19 actually exists. I have already shown you the proof from the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), that people around the world are using, asking for the isolated covid virus. IT WAS NEVER ISOLATED! Here is another fun fact: The US government, WHO, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson DO NOT require vaccinations.

Another fun fact the whole system is corrupt. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on the board of Pfizer. This explains why all of a sudden Pfizer got a green light, when initially its approval was denied. The FDA specifically declined the PCR tests for too many FALSE negatives. Which, if you remember i pointed out, very early on. Let’s start with what a vaccine should be. A vaccine by definition is A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.

This tells you that they inject the virus into your body. They infect you with it. That in and of itself should make you say no. Your body does this naturally when you catch a virus or cold or flu. You do not need a shot, EVER. This is science 101. It is one of the first things they teach you in science. The next thing that wreaks of propaganda, is more than 60% of the US refuse to be vaccinated, including our military, so they keep coming up with new things to get people to wear masks and get vaccinated, further infringing upon our freedoms. What the news is not showing you, is all of the protesting AROUND the globe. 1 thing to note about ALL of these countries- they are socialist, communist and fascist countries. They have very few rights and they are controlled by their government. Don’t believe me? Here are links. This is what happened in Israel, Russia, Romania, Italy, Germany, and France. None of this has been reported in mainstream news. Why? It goes against the Propaganda campaign they are pushing.

Next- there are a ton of lawsuits going on! Why would people sue over this if this was legit? Hawaii attorney General Michael Green filed a lawsuit against the mayor and governor in HI. It represents over 1200 victims. They can’t go after the Big Pharma companies because they got a get out of jail card. They have 0 liability. The military is fighting back . They have filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon. Lawsuits have also been filed against a Texas hospital, a Los Angeles school district, a North Carolina sheriff and a New Mexico detention center. America’s Frontline Doctors is suing HHS. You can read for yourself here. Over 1000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors are going after the CDC, WHO, Davos Group, Gates and all World Leaders for Crimes against humanity! Why??? Human rights violations. This vaccine experiment goes against all 10 of the Nuremberg codes. This also goes against the Geneva Convention.

Here is an excerpt from that lawsuit. “Since July 2020 the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts.

The committee led by Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, have since concluded the following –

  • The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal”
  • It is:
    • The biggest tort case ever
    • The greatest crime against humanity ever committed
  • Those responsible must be:
    • Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity
    • Sued for civil damages
  • Deaths
    • There is no excess mortality in any country
    • Corona virus mortality equals seasonal flu
    • 94% of deaths in Bergamo were caused by transferring sick patients to nursing homes where they infected old people with weak immune systems
    • Doctors and hospitals worldwide were paid to declare deceased victims of Covid-19
    • Autopsies showed:
      • Fatalities almost all caused by serious pre-existing conditions
      • Almost all deaths were very old people
      • Sweden (no lockdown) and Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics
    • US states with and without lockdowns have comparable disease and mortality statistics
  • Health
    • Hospitals remain empty and some face bankruptcy
    • Populations have T-cell immunity from previous influenza waves
    • Herd immunity needs only 15-25% population infection and is already achieved
    • Only when a person has symptoms can an infection be contagious
  • Tests:
    • Many scientists call this a PCR-test pandemic, not a corona pandemic
    • Very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive
    • Likelihood of false-positives is 89-94% or near certainty
    • Prof. Drosten developed his PCR test from an old SARS virus without ever having seen the real Wuhan virus from China
    • The PCR test is not based on scientific facts with respect to infections
    • PCR tests are useless for the detection of infections
    • A positive PCR test does not mean an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found
    • Amplification of samples over 35 cycles is unreliable but WHO recommended 45 cycles
  • Illegality:
    • The German government locked down, imposed social-distancing/ mask-wearing on the basis of a single opinion
    • The lockdown was imposed when the virus was already retreating
    • The lockdowns were based on non-existent infections
    • Former president of the German federal constitutional court doubted the constitutionality of the corona measures
    • Former UK supreme court judge Lord Sumption concluded there was no factual basis for panic and no legal basis for corona measures
    • German RKI (CDC equivalent) recommended no autopsies be performed
    • Corona measures have no sufficient factual or legal basis, are unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately
    • No serious scientist gives any validity to the infamous Neil Ferguson’s false computer models warning of millions of deaths
    • Mainstream media completely failed to report the true facts of the so-called pandemic
    • Democracy is in danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models
    • Drosten (of PCR test), Tedros of WHO, and others have committed crimes against humanity as defined in the International Criminal Code
    • Politicians can avoid going down with the charlatans and criminals by starting the long overdue public scientific discussion
  • Conspiracy:
    • Politicians and mainstream media deliberately drove populations to panic
    • Children were calculatedly made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow Corona rules”
    • The hopeless PCR test is used to create fear and not to diagnose
    • There can be no talk of a second wave
  • Injury and damage:
    • Evidence of gigantic health and economic damage to populations
    • Anti-corona measures have:
      • Killed innumerable people
      • Destroyed countless companies and individuals worldwide
    • Children are being taken away from their parents
    • Children are traumatized en masse
    • Bankruptcies are expected in small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Redress:
    • A class action lawsuit must be filed in the USA or Canada, with all affected parties worldwide having the opportunity to join
    • Companies and self-employed people must be compensated for damages”

One such lawsuit has already started and will take place in Canada.

Another case is being brought in London. I have copy and pasted the press release from attorney, Melinda C. Mayne, and Justice of the Peace, Kaira S. McCallum in full. The latter presided as a JP in Central London Magistrates and Crown Courts for the past twenty years, who also used to be a highly qualified pharmacist.


Wednesday 21st of April 2021

‘Request for Investigation’ of the UK Government and its advisers, for genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, issued to the International Criminal Court at the Hague, on Tuesday 20th of April 2021.

On Tuesday 20th of April 2021 we, the undersigned, issued a 27 -page ‘Request for Investigation’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, with a view to asking that our allegations of genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, by the UK Government and its advisors, be accepted by the ICC and investigated.

We believe that we have provided compelling reasons as to why our Government and its advisers are guilty of the above charges. However, at this stage it is important to note that we are not required to provide all the evidence we have (which would run to several hundred pages) and are limited to a maximum of 30 pages, simply to make an outline case as part of our Request.

The ICC will review our ‘Request for Investigation’ and assess whether they believe there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into a ‘Situation’, pursuant to the criteria established by the Rome Statute.

The ICC does not provide a timeline regarding acceptance, nor of course is there any guarantee that they will ultimately accept our ‘Request for Investigation’ due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are limited in their capacity to conduct investigations.

Updates will be provided as and when more information becomes available.

Melinda C. Mayne LPC LLM MBA GDLA

Kaira S. McCallum JP BSc

Here is a third one, already under way against the UK govt.

Next, let’s take a look at the 4 companies making the vaccines. These companies have either never brought a vaccine to market before covid (Moderna and Johnson & Johnson), are serial felons (Pfizer, and Astra Zeneca) or both (Johnson & Johnson).

Moderna has been trying to “Modernize our RNA”, hence the company name, for years, but have never successfully brought ANY product to market, until now. In fact, all major vaccine makers, except Moderna, have paid out tens of billions of dollars in damages for other products they’ve brought to market, when they knew those products would cause injuries and death. For example: Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thalidomide, and Opioids to name a few. Johnson and Johnson has a very long rapsheet. Johnson & Johnson has lost major lawsuits in 1995, 1996, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2019. Next we have Pfizer. They have the great distinction of having the biggest criminal payout in history. They have lost so many lawsuits it’s hard to count. You can check out their rap sheet here. Maybe that’s why they are demanding that countries where they don’t have liability protection put up collateral to cover vaccine-injury lawsuits. Next let’s look at Astra Zeneca. They have similarly lost so many lawsuits it’s hard to count. Here’s one for off label marketing. Here’s another from Texas. They fradulently marketed their anti psychotic drugs Seroquel and Crestor for reducing cholesterol levels. Most recently, the company had their covid vaccine suspended in at least 18 countries over concerns of blood clots, and they completely botched their meeting with the FDA with numbers from their study that didn’t match. Johnson and Johnson (whose vaccine IS approved for “Emergency Use” in the US) and Astrazenca (whose vaccine is NOT approved for “Emergency Use” in the US), had a little mix up in their ingredients, 15 million doses to be exact.

There has been a very checkered past of making Corona vaccines, which you can read here. The pattern that emerges in all of these studies, is that the children and the animals produced beautiful antibody responses after being vaccinated. However, the problem arose when the children and animals were exposed to the wild version of the virus. The result, an unexplained phenomenon called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) also known as Vaccine Enhanced Disease (VED) occurred. What does this mean? The immune system produced a cytokine storm and the children/animals died. What is a Cytokine storm? A Cytokine storm and cytokine release syndrome are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes involving elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyper-activation that can be triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders. From a historical perspective, cytokine storm was previously referred to as an influenza-like syndrome that occurred after systemic infections such as sepsis and after immunotherapies such as Coley’s toxins. You can read more about that here. There has never been a successful attempt to make a coronavirus vaccine nor has the gene-therapy technology known as mRNA vaccines been safely brought to market.

There is no evidence to prove that any of those concerns have been addressed. As a matter of fact, based off the reactions of the vaccinated, between the adverse affects and deaths, I would say they didn’t. Based on the pfizer documents themselves- this vaccine actually sheds to the unvaxxed. You can read the entire thing at the link provided. This is from Pfizer themselves. Here is one of the excerpts: Occupational Exposure

“An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.

When such exposures happen, the investigator must report them to Pfizer saftey within 24 hours of becoming aware of when they happened, regardless of whether or not there is an associated secondary adverse event. This must be reported using the vaccine secondary adverse event report form. SINCE THE INFORMATION DOES NOT PERTAIN TO A PARTICIPANT INVOLVED IN THE STUDY, THE INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT SEPARATE FROM THE STUDY.”

What does this mean?? This means that the Vaccine study participants were super spreaders of something, which pfizer completely leaves out what, and it triggers secondary adverse events in people that were never vaccinated. The vaccine also triggers spontaneous abortions and reproductive problems when unvaccinated people who are exposed to the vaccinated, i can only imagine what the people who were vaxxed go through. The breast milk from a vaccinated mom can harm the infant. That is in section 8.3.5.

I think we need to quarantine the vaccinated to try and find a cure, but unfortunately, i don’t think there is one that can reverse genetic mutation, especially since they are the ones who are dangerous. I have also uncovered recent documents from Dec 2020. The FDA should have never approved this or any other Covid vaccine for emergency use. The data in this lined article shows that 75% of the subjects, even after being vaccinated, still contracted covid. See page 42. The standard for FDA emergency use approval is more than 50% effective in preventing infection. This alone proves that the FDA is criminal and went against their own rules. The document also states that “Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group.” So they almost doubled????!!!! This tells me that you are more likely to spread COVID if you have been vaccinated vs if you weren’t.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola says, “Previous attempts to develop an mRNA-based drug using lipid nanoparticles failed and had to be abandoned because when the dose was too low, the drug had no effect, and when dosed too high, the drug became too toxic. An obvious question is: What has changed that now makes this technology safe enough for mass use?” Why does he say that? There is no raw data to support the Big Pharma claims that this is a “safe and effective” vaccine. He can also say this because there are no long term safety testing to see the effects of this experimental drug. Vaccines take years to make, this skipped all trials and went direct to market!!! That right there is very suspicious.

These drugs are experimental meaning no clinical trials. ANYONE who gets the shot is now part of the clinical trials. A MAJOR component of any clinical trial is INFORMED CONSENT. How do I know this? My BA degree is in Psychology. Every SINGLE PERSON in the trial must read and sign an informed consent. This means they are made aware of ALL possible side effects. No one has gotten one and no one has signed one. So what does that make the majority of us who have never been vaccinated??? The control group. Right now, I can tell you that the control group is doing far better than the lab rats. Every person that is putting this shot into people’s arms without getting an informed consent is now liable. THIS IS HUGE!!!

Next we know everything is being underreported to VAERS. My proof? Besides what I have shared in previous articles, the 578 cases of Bell’s Palsy. Those numbers are still only 1% of the total adverse reactions or .8 to 2% of what this study recently published in the JAMA. When you do the math, the total death count equates to somewhere around 110,00 to 220,000 from the vaccines to date, which far surpasses total deaths of 29,000. That puts the adverse reactions even higher!!!

Next to bring into focus is that the ones getting vaccinated, are the ones contacting COVID and dying! Its happening everywhere!

Took screenshots because I can guarantee these are gone or too hard to find now.

66% of all medical professionals won’t take the jab! There has got to be a reason behind this. If you still think these vaccines are safe, even with ALL of this proof, there is no help for you. I suggest you all turn off the news and stay off of it until things become right.

Sorry this is so long, but it has to be. Keep reading and following. The truth is getting out there. I have had anywhere from 669 to 1224 views EVERY SINGLE DAY on my blog. This has quadrupled since I started. There is hope. We have to fight the government and our employers. They cannot make you take it. If they try you can threaten a lawsuit and or tell them if ANYTHING happens due to getting the vaxx they will be held liable. There is a ton of proof that covid does not exist. If they still push forward, i can send you non vaxx job boards and give you all the evidence you need to win in court. A man in Canada did it and WON!