Explosions, derailments and crashes, oh my!

What in the ever loving world is going on?! By now, everyone knows of the Ohio derailment. Do you know of the others? None of this is a coincidence, none of it. All within a 2 week time frame. This has never happened in our history ever. It is clear to me that this is all planned by the deep state. They are so desperate that we are now at war! Do not for a moment think these are NOT related. Another strange thing, is that they waited 10 days to show any footage of it or talk about it. It screams cover up!

I have shared just a few of the news stories and reactions. Videos will be below that. Keep in mind this is all within a 2 week time frame.

Here is a chemical truck crash in PA. Here is another one in Tuscon. It is the same color, same chemical. As soon as I get the information on the chemical, I can update this. This is in addition to the one in AZ and the one in Tx. Factory fire in St Pete, FL. You can clearly see it as they drive by it. Doral, FL factory fire, Medley, FL. and Kissimmee. Detroit, MI train derailment. Texas train derailment. Bedford, OH Fire. Nebraska fire. This ALL happened within 2 weeks and after the East Palestine train derailment. There is NO SUCH THING as a coincidence.

This video shows chemical train cars just sitting on the tracks in CA, in farm country, close to an aqueduct. Are they waiting for something to blow it up and then say it was a “derailment”? Nothing about any of this sits well with me and it all happened way to close together. Most of these are conservative towns. DO you see the pattern?

This is the still of the derailment. This makes no sense. The track is in good order. The way the train cars fell, all so close together and the way they did, proves it was intentional. Another question, why in the heck did this train have vinyl chloride, which has been banned since the 70s? Curioser and curioser….stay tuned my friends. There is a lot more to come.

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