Ukranian Pedophile killed in Maryland

On February 25th, a United States Marine scout-sniper shot and killed a Ukrainian diplomat, who had been in the U.S. since the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. This diplomat oversaw a child slavery ring that shipped kidnapped kids to Eastern Europe. This was verified by a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office.

The diplomat was identified as 47 yr old Ivan Kovalenko. Kovalenko came to the U.S. from Kyiv in March 2022. His move came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a Special Military Operation, in Ukraine, to hunt down foreign Biolabs and Western-run child trafficking syndicates on Ukrainian soil. Kovalenko held management positions at several textile companies before departing his home turf abruptly. Upon arriving in the U.S., he made a beeline for the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. and was employed by Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova.

My source said that the White Hats took an interest in Kovalenko after President Donald J. Trump mentioned him to Gen. Berger in July. Trump reportedly had irrefutable proof that Kovalenko was helming a child trafficking ring in which American children were abducted and sold to pedophiles in Ukraine, Hungary, and Belarus. He gave Gen. Berger the “greenlight” to terminate Kovalenko with extreme prejudice.

Isolating Kovalenko, however, was problematic; Marines assigned to surveil him in August reported that he seldom left the embassy and was surrounded by a throng of armed security when he did. Meanwhile, Gen. Berger learned that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had given Kovalenko the “foreign diplomat” title and granted him diplomatic immunity. Although such protection was meaningless to White Hats. It meant that local law enforcement sympathetic to the White Hat movement were unwilling to help keep tabs on Kovalenko, for fear of losing their jobs or worse.

Kovalenko’s reclusive nature and willingness to appear in public, only in the company of armed security, proved he was no ordinary businessman. He sequestered himself inside the embassy between September and November.

“We had the embassy watched 24/7, all exits covered. If he somehow got out and in undetected, he was a damn magician. It was like he knew he was being watched, or he was just paranoid. For obvious reasons, we wanted him alone, or at least not with a huge entourage, before making a move,” my source stated.

By January, White Hats had become increasingly frustrated that they hadn’t been able to eliminate Kovalenko, and General Eric Smith, who had just assumed authority over White Hat forces following Gen. Berger’s departure, devised a risky rouse to draw Kovalenko out of hiding. If successful, his idea would prove beyond doubt that Kovalenko was a child predator profiting from selling underage children to the highest bidders.

An undercover Marine contacted Kovalenko, saying he had 35 young boys and girls whom “his people” had abducted from National Parks. He said he had to offload them immediately but wanted a “fair and reasonable” price, for children fetching big bucks on the international market. Kovalenko’s greed consumed him, and he took the bait. Kovalenko offered $35K for blonde-haired children and $20K for auburn ones. The Marine laughed at the offer, demanding $85K per child because kids were selling for five times that amount on the Eastern European black market. A suspicious Kovalenko, though, asked for pictures of children, a demand that prompted Gen. Smith to ask Marines with young children to submit their photos for consideration. It was a gutsy and calculated move, for Gen. Smith thought Kovalenko wise enough to use Google image search to avoid entrapment. Fifty brave Marines agreed and sent tasteful photographs of their kids to the undercover Marine working to bring Kovalenko down.

Kovalenko agreed to the asking price but balked when the Marine said he didn’t deal with middle men and wanted to deal personally with Kovalenko to avoid being suckered or killed. The Marine texted him, saying the deal was “take it or leave it,” and that he and the children would be at the Port of Baltimore at 10:00 p.m. February 25.

Earlier that evening, Marine snipers took position on loading cranes and among the countless shipping containers littering the docks. Kovalenko’s limo pulled up at 10:15 pm. 3 armed guards accompanied Kovalenko and approached the undercover Marine. Kovalenko displayed a duffel bag full of cash as a round struck him center mass. His associates, too, were shot dead on the spot.

“It took a long time to get this Fu****, but better late than never,” my source said.

Are White Hats now sanctioning executions in place of tribunals?

“They weren’t American citizens. They got what they were entitled to,” he said.