What’s really going on at the White House??

I am sure you all remember when the fencing went up around the WH and you heard Psaki say it is for construction on the fountain. Well here we are several months later. There is no construction going on at the WH, never was. Now there are strange flashes of light on the inside of the WH on the 2nd story, that can only be described as demo flashes. Let’s take a look at the video.

You can clearly see it goes from room to room methodically and very purposefully. As you all know, because I have been reporting on this, is that the WH has been empty since the fake Biden Inauguration. So why the inside demo? They are weakening the walls. Why? The WH Will be demolished. That is why there is a concrete barrier behind the white fence. It will control the blast. DC has been a ghost town and empty for months.

I am sure you are wondering, well then where is the show happening?? We already know about Castle Rock, because I have reported it on it. Now there is a secondary fake WH. It is located in GA. After researching, I found out that is on an old military base. This military base was bought by Tyler Perry. So those reports of it being on the property owned by Tyler Perry, are accurate.

Here is an aerial view of Ft Mcpherson military base with an arrow pointing to the WH replica.
Here you can see the image a little clearer as it is zoomed in on.
Zooming in even closer you can see the full top of the building. The shape is correct, specs everything to the actual WH in WA DC.
Here is the aerial view getting closer to the front of the building.
Here is a view of the back.

This is nothing new. Back in March of last year, CNN was showing supposed live footage from the WH, but he lived or was staying across the street from it and shows that there was nothing going on? Was that being filmed at Castle Rock or here in GA?! Here is the video.

Again, you are thinking, why is. EVERYONE lying to us? When i say EVERYONE, i mean the US military, Fake BIden, fake news, all of them! Because we are taking care of the Deep State and it is the BIGGEST war this country has ever seen or faced. They are almost ALL gone. They are getting ready to demo the real WH, which has been the biggest child trafficking and adrenochrome building in the country. Before Trump, some nasty stuff was going down there. These people are sick and twisted. They killed JFK and MLK! They don’t get them all this time, they will kill more innocent people.

Stay tuned for more news my friends! I am going to try to be better about updating you more, and not just blast it in a weekend.