Welcome to the clown show!

I am sure you have all seen this insane news coverage on UFO’s and the UFO task force. All i can say is what in the holy hell??? First they find a white balloon with some kind of solar panels hanging and they are just like, it’s no big deal. Then they say China did it. China is denying it vehemently. Then all of a sudden there are 3 more flying objects shot down. There is a lot of hinky stuff going on and this one is the most obvious.

The White Hats are telling a completely different story, which I tend to believe, as it is way more likely. The “Deep State spy”spy balloon” was downed over billings, Montana. This has been substantiated by 50 witnesses, who saw debris plummeting from the sky. The balloon did not belong to the Chinese. When they found the debris, everything was in English. It was clearly the deep state’s. Several days later, Justin Trudeau claims he that he ordered a U.S. F-22 Raptor to engage a cylindrical object over the Canadian Yukon. First of all, he has no power over our airforce or any form of our military. This clearly sounds fabricated. Even worse, the media is not calling him out on his blatant lies.

The next day, John Kirby announced the destruction of yet another mysterious object, this time above Lake Huron. Then of course, there is the one over Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. My sources have confirmed it was a PR stunt. They shot down a USAF BQM-167A aerial target plane, a high-performance, remotely controlled target used to provide a threat-representative target drone to support the Air-to-Air Weapon System Evaluation Program and other Air Force and Department of Defense air-to-air test and evaluation programs. It is 20-feet-long, can reach speeds of 600 knots, perform 9g turns, and reach 50,000’ in altitude. The drone is land-launched using a rocket aided take off and launched from a rail system. The drone can be recovered by a parachute recovery system either from land or water. Its maximum range is 1,400 nautical miles.

General Smith’s office began investigating the incident almost immediatel,y after the fake government made it a matter of public record, because Biden’s cronies had been deceptive about using aerial surveillance to illegally spy on patriotic Americans. Moreover, Gen. Smith found it odd that a second shootdown occurred so soon after Biden was broadly criticized for delaying the destruction of whatever they downed near South Carolina.

“It undoubtedly irked Biden, or his double, that he got blasted for letting a balloon soar the American skies undeterred. When word of the Alaska object broke, well, it was suspicious, and our suspicions were that his handlers manufactured an event to make him appear more decisive, more presidential,” a source inside Smith’s office said.

That day, liaisons for Gen. Smith made inquires to USNORTHCOM at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, AK., where the F-22 took off in pursuit of the bogey. The general’s contacts tried to coax details from senior officers of the 90th Fighter Squadron, which operates Elmendorf’s F-22s, but they refused to speak on the incident, citing operational security. Likewise, the general’s men were denied access to the pilot who had supposedly fired an AIM9X Sidewinder missile at the intruder.

“The ordeal was shrouded in secrecy,” our source said. “Naturally, it’s imperative for a functional military to not publicly disclose sensitive material, but we’re talking about senior officers talking to other senior officers. There was something shady happening there. The fact that the pilot was sequestered to secrecy was just one more puzzle piece,” our source said.

On Friday February 10th, a two-star Air Force General contacted Gen. Smith’s office with a story more plausible than an F-22 engaging a second Chinese spy device or a ship piloted by the Greys. He told Smith’s office that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had ordered the 90th Fighter Squadron commander Lt. Col. Ryan Reese to launch a BQM-167A drone and use F-22s to tail it to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, a remote tundra devoid of cameras or prying eyes.

The Air Force general gave Gen. Smith time stamped footage of the BQM-167A and F-22 launches.“This was planned. The drone went up, and the fighters lifted off the runway, right after that. They followed it and shot it down on Lloyd Austin’s orders. It looks like a PR stunt,” our source said. “The administration said it was a hovering object, it wasn’t. They can make up whatever they want since there’s no life out there. If they ever show debris, or cockpit video, I’m sure it’ll be doctored,” our source said.

In a follow up, Monday evening, after the creation of a “UFO Task Force,” the White hats said the following: “Bloat. Deception. Taxpayer dollars wasted.” Which I think we can all agree on. What a load of crazy. What world and planet are we living on??? They are so obvious about their charade now. It is absolutely insane. So yes, welcome to the clown show.