Uvalde Shooting is fake news

Everything I have seen from this supposed shooting, makes me think more and more it was faked, just like Sandy Hook.

Here is a link to my rumble channel. I uploaded a video that shows 2 different news networks (CNN and NBC) interviewing the same “Victim’s” father. The only problem is that they are 2 very different people. If this was real, mistakes like this would not happen. I also noticed, my husband did as well, that the first guy looks like the shooter. He also looks exactly like one of the “Fake” intruders on Jan 6th. They are recycling people. They are being very, very sloppy. They are scared, and they should be.

Here is another video on my rumble channel. They interview “parents” who have no clue what grade their child is in. This is not a thing. Every parent knows what grade their kid is in.

Then we have this very interesting flight pattern that makes no sense, unless this was all planned, to push an agenda. The first shooting at the Texas school started at 11:28am ( the shooter shot at witness’ from a church). The U.S. Army MC -12 flew to Uvalde direct, prior to the shooting. Anyone else find that odd? I will post the flight pattern in a moment. Minutes before the shooting the U.S. Army was doing flight patterns over the coming shooting area. They landed at 11:25am. At 12:47pm, a student reports she can hear the police in the building. A moment later at 12:48pm, the U.S MILITARY¬† MC-12 recon plane takes off and returns to Ft. Hood. This is the same base where the Ft. Hood shootings took place where 13 people were “killed” and 30 were “wounded”. Moments later the suspect is “killed”.

This is everything I have found. This is all highly suspect and fake to push this 2nd Amendment agenda to take away our guns. The 2nd Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, for any reason. Says it in black and white. When will Democrats get it? They want our guns so that they can take over and not worry about an incursion. They want us to turn into China or Australia, where they can do whatever they want to us. This WILL NOT happen. We will NEVER give up our guns! Keep fighting friends. We are at war! This is the time to take a stand and stand up to tyranny. This IS EXACTLY the reason the 2nd Amendment was put into our laws. They want a global government to take over and get rid of our sovereignty. I emailed Trump after my last article about the military’s infighting. I told him we will not make it to November. He needs to act before civil war breaks out. He wants to avoid it, then he needs to tell the truth and end this war NOW! I am still waiting for his response. Stay tuned!